Explore the architectural wonders of centuries past—and walk the sandy beaches of a timeless tropical paradise. Hike miles of mountain trails atop Puerto Rico’s highest peaks, and plunge deep into its waters to swim among the precious coral reefs. Get a taste of the island’s traditional cooking, and enjoy a world-class dining experience with extraordinary cuisine.

Choose your destination and plan the perfect vacation – with EyeTour.com you can take all the information you need in the palm of your hand!

The WONDERS OF PUERTO RICO™ iPhone App features the following video tour “trails”:

• Wonders of Puerto Rico™ – Sample the best known and must-visit attractions.
• Puerto Rico’s Best Beaches – So many to choose from… here are some of our favorites!
• Explore Beyond the Shore – The island has much more to offer besides surf and sand.
• The History of the New World – Explore Puerto Rico’s rich culture and past.
• Old San Juan Walking Tour – Take a self guided tour through the historical city.
• Ponce, The Pearl of the South – Get to know one of our most vibrant cities.
• Vieques and Culebra – Our island municipalities are Paradise Found.
• Favorites – Select your favorite EyeTour videos for easy access.

EyeTour Videos are divided into the following categories “tracks”:

• Historical Site
• Museums
• Beaches
• Nature Reserves
• Parks and Plazas
• Sights
• Streets
• Local Businesses

Visit: El Morro Fortress, El Yunque National Rain Forest, the Río Camuy Cave Park, the Arecibo Observatory, Rincon’s beaches and surfing hotspots, Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Ocean Park, the Puerto Rico Museum of Art and 100+ attractions!

Includes: Map function, Share function, Photo galleries, Selection of Puerto Rico travel essays, and more!



This app is awesome! The interface runs so smooth and it’s easy to use. The map is an extremely useful gadget. It really narrows it down to the places you can’t miss when you are visiting the island. It’s like having a tour guide that fits in your pocket!
- Rodolfo Altieri (via iTunes)


Clean and user-friendly interface with very useful information. Beautiful pictures and videos that makes me want to go home! I will definitely use the app next time I am down there.
- FHS26 (via iTunes)


The WONDERS OF PUERTO RICO™ app allows visitors from all around the world to discover Puerto Rico’s best tourist attractions, hidden riches, and natural wonders through high-quality video productions filmed throughout the entire island. Sample some of the content available on the app below:

Fuerte San Felipe del Morro
San Juan, Puerto Rico

The quarter mile gravel path that leads to El Morro or ‘promontory’ is easily accessible from Norzagaray Street. Named in honor of King Phillip II of Spain, the fortress was built in San Juan’s northernmost rocky headland to prevent attacks from the Atlantic. It was designated a National Historic Site and part of a World Heritage Site in 1983 by the United Nations, one of only 12 sites in the United States to be recognized as such.

El Yunque National Forest
Río Grande, Puerto Rico

The core of El Yunque National Forest remains largely untouched to this day and has proven to be an exceptional asset to the world’s scientific community. It not only serves as a leading research site for numerous studies, but also provides a unique window to the past, when the original forest covered Puerto Rico in its entirety.

Río Camuy Cave Park
Camuy, Puerto Rico

Río Camuy Cave Park has for decades been the site where visitors from the island and abroad are introduced to the fascinating underground geography of Puerto Rico. The karst landscape aboveground is itself impressive, made up of hills with sharp peaks, known as “mogotes,” as well as dramatic sinkholes, known as “sumideros.”

Crash Boat Beach
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

The multi-faceted Crash Boat Beach, said to be one of Puerto Rico’s “most photographed” locations, offers visitors a variety of activities and views of unparalleled beauty that combined have given it its iconic status.

Los Morrillos Lighthouse
Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

During the 19th century, Spain’s government decided to secure Puerto Rico’s coast by erecting a system of lighthouses all around the island. Many of these lighthouses are now open to visitors, including Cabo Rojo’s popular Los Morrillos Lighthouse. Its importance is highlighted by the fact that it still guides ships across the highly treacherous Mona Passage, the strait that connects the Caribbean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean.

Laguna Grande
Bioluminescent Bay
Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Fajardo’s bioluminescent bay is one of the few scattered around the island – and one of the last that remain around the world. Visitors to Puerto Rico’s Laguna Grande are still privy to the delights offered by this increasingly uncommon phenomenon and should take advantage of this opportunity we hope will remain for future generations to enjoy.


Puerto Rico’s Premier Online Video Guide

The WONDERS OF PUERTO RICO™ app allows visitors from all around the world to discover Puerto Rico’s best tourist attractions, hidden riches, and natural wonders through high-quality video productions filmed throughout the entire island. EyeTour.com Videos are produced with the modern traveler in mind and allow visitors to discover Puerto Rico from their next-generation phones.

EyeTour aims to promote Puerto Rico’s tourism industry and educate travelers and tourists through technological innovation in order to attract more visitors to the island.

Our company is dedicated to bridging the gap between the local tourism industry and emergent technologies through products such as the WONDERS OF PUERTO RICO™ iPhone App. We strongly believe in developing easy-to-use products and services that enrich and expand the tourist experience while answering the needs and demands of the tourism industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for the WONDERS OF PUERTO RICO™ iPhone App?

The WONDERS OF PUERTO RICO™ iPhone App is the culmination of a dream shared by childhood friends half a decade ago, who wanted to “put all the information you need in the palm of your hand” and let visitors to Puerto Rico “be your own guide”. Those two phrases gave shape to the idea of EyeTour – and the company began to produce bite-sized videos of Puerto Rico’s greatest attractions. Now closing in on 200 EyeTour videos, the company is happy to offer their content through this app, which makes good on those initial promises of letting visitors carry with them a comprehensive video guide to Puerto Rico.

How many attractions are covered in the application?

Over 150 attractions are included in the WONDERS OF PUERTO RICO™ iPhone App, including the famous El Morro Fortress in Old San Juan, El Yunque National Forest in Río Grande, and the beautiful Playa Flamenco in Culebra.

My favorite attraction is not included in the application – what gives?

We are working on featuring as many attractions as possible on our products. Let us know which attraction we missed and why we should consider it by writing us at info@eyetour.com

Some of the information is not up-to-date – how can I reach you and let you know of any changes that need to be made?

You can write to us with your concern at info@eyetour.com. Let us know which attraction needs to be updated and which fields should be changed. Thank you for helping us make the application a better product!

How can I add or remove an attraction from my “Favorites” list?

Attractions can be added to the “Favorites” list, accessible from the application’s Bottom Menu and Main “Attractions” Menu. To add a particular attraction to this list, first go the attraction and select the orange “+” button located to the right of the “Play Video” button. Then select the “Favorite” tab (the one with the Star Medal Icon), and the “Add to Favorites” option afterwards. To remove from the “Favorites” list, repeat these steps, but select the “Remove From Favorites” option instead.

My “Favorites” list disappeared – help?

If you have deleted and reinstalled the application on your device, your “Favorites” data will have disappeared. In which case, you need to go back to each attraction and add them once more to your “Favorites” list. If you believe your favorite attractions have disappeared from the list for other reasons, please send us a detailed report by writing us at info@eyetour.com.

Who narrates EyeTour.com tourist videos?

The EyeTour.com videos featured in the WONDERS OF PUERTO RICO™ iPhone App are narrated by Mr. Sherman Wildman, owner of local AM radio station Radio WOSO (WOSO 1030AM), and Danette Hudoba, also of Radio WOSO. They have two of the most well-known voices in Puerto Rico and have been featured in many local projects throughout the years. We are proud to be able to work with these professionals and believe their voices make our videos truly come to life. We hope you agree.

Will I have to pay for updates to the WONDERS OF PUERTO RICO™ iPhone App?

No. There are no plans to charge for updates to the iPhone App. These will be free to users for the foreseeable future.

I was charged twice for my download – can I get my money back?

Although we cannot help you directly in the event you are charged more than once for the WONDERS OF PUERTORICO™ iPhone App, you can contact Apple directly and they can issue a refund. Make sure you save both receipts and request a refund from Apple using their appropriate customer service programs and communication channels.

I don’t really like this app. How do I get my money back?

We are sorry our app is not to your satisfaction. We strive to make the best products possible that exceed the expectations of visitors coming to Puerto Rico. Please let us know of any suggestions you have to making our app a better experience to other users. If you would like a refund, please contact Apple through the appropriate customer service programs and communication channels.



If you run into any technical issues while using this app, you might want to try these basic troubleshooting steps first:

1. Restart your Device – You’d be surprised how effective this technique can be if you are dealing with app crashes and the like. If you are having problems with the WONDERS OF PUERTO RICO™ iPhone App, start by simply restarting your iPhone or iPod Touch and then launching the app again.

2. Download and Reinstall the Application – If restarting the application doesn’t seem to help, the next thing you should try is downloading the app again (Apple won’t charge you twice if you are using the same account) and installing it on the device once more. Make sure you remove the original application installation from your device before you download the app again, just be aware that removing an application will delete said application’s data for good (in this case, sites you have marked as Favorites, for example).

If you still need to contact support, please email us at info@eyetour.com.