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Helping Rescued Dogs Find Their Way To A Loving Home

Posted on 18 July 2009 by EyeFred

Help Save A Sato bring happy, healthy, rescued dogs to loving homes on the mainland.

Save a Sato is a nonprofit foundation that rescues dogs from beaches, streets, and construction sites across the island of Puerto Rico. The organization gives them immediate medical attention, food and shelter, and lots of love. When they are ready, satos (as these rescued animals are commonly referred to on the island) are sent on nonstop American Airlines flights to cities in the continental U.S.to partner shelters (Boston, Hartford, Newark, etc.). From there, they are adopted into loving homes.

Save A Sato is in need of transport escorts to make this possible… Federal law prohibits our sending dogs without a corresponding traveler. If you are leaving Puerto Rico on an American Airlines flight, please consider being an escort. It’s easy and free!

Information on how you can help out by becoming a sato escort

For Spanish click here / Para información en español


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