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EyeTour won the 2007 EnterPRize Business Plan Competition. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!

Posted on 21 July 2008 by EyeFred

We want to urge our fellow entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico to get their thinking caps on and participate in this year’s EnterPRize Business Plan Competition. Ideas are had all the time by all kinds of people and many of them are good – even great! However, most of them are not written down, carefully thought out, researched or organized. EnterPRize provides the perfect opportunity for you to develop your idea and with the help of some of Puerto Rico’s brightest business minds, turn it into a working business plan for your company or startup. Best part is you can win money to help you along with your enterprise as well as some significant in-kind prizes such as office space, television advertising, billboard advertising, and more!

I’ve posted below some info about the competition so you can get on it pronto!



EnterPRize 2008 Business Plan Competition

The Business Plan Competition stage starts on August 4th, 2008.

The Business Plan Competition stage requires submitting an Executive Summary which includes seven (7) elements. These elements require in-depth analysis and planning:

1. The Company and Product/Service proposed
2. Industry, Target Market and Customers
3. Competitive Landscape and Positioning
4. Execution
5. Team
6. Risk Analysis
7. Financial Model and Financing Requirements

Due Date: SEPTEMBER 29TH, 2008

What’s in it for you?

1. $50k in Cash Prizes: $25,000 1st Place / $15,000 2nd Place / $10,000 3rd Place
2. In-kind Prizes: Attorney Services, Accounting Services, Office Space & Advertising
3. Networking Opportunities with investors, business community & potential customers
4. World Class resources to help you to develop your business plan
5. Mentorship Program that gives you access to real & successful entrepreneurs

Want to be part of the EnterPRize 2008 Business Idea Competition?

Visit: www.enterprizepr.com

EnterPRize Group in Facebook



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