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Great Places for Photography in PR: Central Region

Posted on 13 October 2010 by jose

To celebrate our island’s natural wonders, sights, and colorful culture, EyeTour has compiled the ‘Great Places for Photography in Puerto Rico’ post series. Throughout the series we will feature some of the most amazing spots for photography lovers, hidden places, and suggested photo routes found throughout the different regions of the island. Join us for our first look into Puerto Rico’s Central Region, known for the mountain roads, cooler weather, and lush vegetation of the Cordillera Central mountain range.

Explore beyond the shore and venture into Puerto Rico’s central region filled with panoramic routes, sights and a countryside charm to behold. If you’re planning a road trip through the mountains here are some good points of interest along the way.

Municipality of Barranquitas

In the municipality of Barranquitas you will find a picturesque town filled with color and history. If you feel like going on a road trip and exploring beyond the shore, this panoramic route to the center of the island is a cool place to start.

Plaza located in the heart of Barranquitas:Being relatively small you can walk through the town and find historic places like The House of the Philanthropist Luis Muñoz Rivera and his mausoleum, the historic Casa Museo Joaquín de Rojas and The Church named Parroquia San Antonio de Pauda.

Cañón de San Cristóbal: Excursions are organized to the bottom of this canyon although it is a very intense descent and a great physical aptitude and professional guides is a must for this adventure. However, visitors can enjoy a majestic view from the top of the Canyon San Cristóbal thanks to the guided tours and trails maintained by the Fideicomiso de Conservación de Puerto Rico.

Municipality of Cayey

If you are heading for the south or southwest area of Puerto Rico it is hard to miss the wonderful view on different sectors of the highway PR-52. In particular, when passing by the municipality of Cayey there are some of the best views of Puerto Rico’s Central Mountains called “La Cordillera Central”. A good Spot to park the car and take panoramic pictures is the Monumento al Jíbaro.

Monumento al Jíbaro on highway PR-52:The Impressive view of the mountains sometimes let you see as far as the Caribbean Sea and the municipality of Ponce. During summer the mountains might look brown because of the dry season.

Municipality of Orocovis

As well as Barranquitas, Orocovis is a municipality fun for enjoying a panoramic view and discovering the country side of Puerto Rico. Some say that Orocovis is in the exact center of the Island and in particular there are two spots that stands out on this municipality; The Toro Negro Forest and The Mirador Villalba-Oricovis.

Mirador Villalba-OrocovisIn the frontier between Villalba and Orocovis stands a great viewpoint for photography. With good weather conditions it is possible to watch both, the northern and southern coast of the island. This is a perfect point of view for a panoramic perspective of Puerto Rico.

El Bosque Estatal de Toro Negro: This hidden forest in the center of Puerto Rico has a flamboyant diversity of plants, small animals and insects perfect for nature photography and close-ups. A good precaution would be to bring a plastic bag for covering all the camera equipment in case of unexpected rains since it is common in this forest.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of EyeTour photographs and remember you can share your favorite places using the comments section below!


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