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Great Places for Photography in PR: Eastern Region

Posted on 29 July 2010 by jose

To celebrate our island’s natural wonders, sights, and colorful culture, EyeTour has compiled the ‘Great Places for Photography in Puerto Rico’ post series. Throughout the series we will feature some of the most amazing spots for photography lovers, hidden places, and suggested photo routes found throughout the different regions of the island. Join us for our first look into Puerto Rico’s Eastern Region!

From El Yunque National Rain Forest to the small island municipalities of Culebra and Vieques, the eastern region of Puerto Rico counts with a great diversity of nature reserves and worldwide renowned beaches. Its proximity to the metropolitan area of San Juan makes the east of Puerto Rico a great destination for day trips and exploring the places that some people like to call paradise.

Culebra Island

The small Island of Culebra is a true paradise full of secluded beaches and the perfect destination for clear skies and the pursuit of nature and underwater photography.

Flamenco Beach: This majestic beach is one of Culebra’s most frequented by visitors. From the distance you can appreciate the perfect half moon shape of the shore and the blue accent of the clear water. If you’re looking for a panoramic  view of this beach you will need to do a long hike to the top of the mountain to the east of the beach.

Dáquiti:  This small bay area is a located at the entrance of the Ensenada Bay where a natural barrier of coral reefs sets the perfect spot for boats to anchor. To find this and more great views from land you have to venture to the southeastern side of the island passing by Club Seabourne hotel towards Punta Soldado Beach.

Municipality of Río Grande

El Yunque Rain Forest: Visit El Yunque and you can expect a great variety of photography opportunities, from wide views to the northern seashore, impressive waterfalls and rivers, to the vibrance of endemic plants and exotic birds. El portal del Yunque is an Information Center useful to plan your visit and gather information of the hiking trails and the diversity of routes available to the public. Situated in the entrance of the forest, visitors can enjoy the outstanding arquitecture of the Portal.


Located on the southeast region of Puerto Rico, Maunabo is a relatively small town with some great lonesome beaches.

View From El Faro Punta Tunas: The Punta Tunas beach offers a wide stretch of sand and can be photographed pretty well from the faro Punta Tunas.For access to the lighthouse you have to register (free of cost) at the administration office in the entrance.

Playa Punta Tunas: This beach has a spectacular view of the Lighthouse and a sandy shore. The access to the beach is through a small passage at the left of the entrance to the lighthouse.


Fortín Conde Mirasol: Vieques has many natural wonders for visitors to enjoy but it is the Fortín Conde de Mirasol the perfect spot for a panoramic view of the Town Isabela Segunda

Arriving by Plane: If you’re arriving at Vieques on a charter flight it could be possible to take some amazing aerial shots of this small Island so have the camera on hand. Tip: You might even be able to clean the outside of your window before boarding the plane.

Vieques: Virgin beaches with immaculate white sand are spread throughout the Island. Wild horses are also a common sight.


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Spring Break Beach Extravaganza

Posted on 12 July 2009 by EyeFred

Spring break is already upon us and Puerto Rico is expecting its fair share of visitors during the season.  A popular destination year after year for those looking to escape the winter weather, the island is the perfect beach vacation escape for spring breakers, offering a strong selection of tropical locales, including some of the best beaches in the world.  Condado’s Ocean Park beach is perhaps the most frequented by the island’s metropolitan crowd.  Located between the Isla Verde and Condado tourist hubs – it’s the perfect spot to both mingle with the locals and meet up with fellow travelers.  It is also a good place to grab a bite, go out dancing, and even stay for the night.  Crash Boat located in Puerto Rico’s west coast is one of the island’s most photographed locals – a beautiful and large beach that is perfect for both water sport activities and romantic escapes.  The nearly two-hour drive from San Juan is well worth the effort (and full of beautiful sights along the way as well).

Playa Flamenco is located in the island-municipality of Culebra, which means you need to either fly there or take a ferry, but it is undoubtedly one of the best beaches that Puerto Rico has to offer with its crystal-clear waters and smooth sand bottom (for this writer, it is the definition of ‘paradise’).  If you make it there during the week, expect few visitors as it is possible to  have some of the beach entirely to yourself – but weekends draw the big crowds, so we recommend traveling by plane and during the week.  Gilligan’s Island in the southern municipality of Guánica offers an unique take on the beach-going experience: a ferry leads you into a series of mangrove-filled cays where Puerto Ricans enjoy picnics and dips in the water (we also recommend going during the week if you want a more relaxed ambience).  Finally, and nearer to the metropolitan area of San Juan, there’s Piñones, the picturesque and often contradictory visual explosion of cultures, beaches and nature reserves, restaurants and kiosks, city nightlife and daytime activities such as biking.

EyeTour.com invites you to visit some of Puerto Rico’s premier beaches through our collection of video tours – continue reading below to get better acquainted with your next Spring Break vacation destination (and don’t forget to click on the pictures to view videos for each site).

Ocean Park – San Juan, PR

The inviting, turquoise waters of the San Juan strip of beach known as Ocean Park are located between the tourist hubs of Condado and Isla Verde.  Its appeal is immediately evident: Ocean Park is a semi-secluded area in the otherwise busy capital, where beachgoers can enjoy both the active scene and the calmer waves while scanning the beautiful Atlantic horizon.  The area offers lodging accommodations, including small boutique hotels, bed-and-breakfast inns, and private rentals. Many of these conveniently feature exquisite restaurants right on the beach. More casual establishments can be found along and near Calle McLeary. VIEW VIDEO

Crash Boat – Aguadilla, PR

One of the best areas for surfing in Puerto Rico is the coast of the municipality of Aguadilla, where professional surfers from all over the world flock to ride waves in beaches like Wilderness and Gas Chambers. Then there’s the star of this northwestern edge of the island, the beach curiously known as Crash Boat. The name is said to originate from the beach’s former use by the United States Air Force. It used to be a small port with a pier where rescue boats for downed airplanes would dock. The old pier still stretches out into the ocean, enjoyed by beachgoers as part of the scenery.  Kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing are popular activities here and several businesses conveniently located right on the beach rent out the proper equipment for these and other water activities.  VIEW VIDEO

Playa Flamenco – Culebra, PR

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is located in the island-municipality of Culebra, about nine miles east off the coast of Fajardo. The idyllic Flamenco Beach is trully a wondrous site to behold. It’s horse-shoe shape composed of silky smooth, powdery white sand envelops perfectly azure water and is framed by pristine green hills. Once you dive in, the water is impossibly clean and crystal clear because of the lack of rivers flowing into the sea. Snorkeling is a favorite activity because of the abundant coral reefs and slew of marine animals including large schools of fish. A popular landmark is a World War II-era tank that lies just short of the shore, a relic of the time the U.S. Navy controlled the area.  VIEW VIDEO

Gilligan’s Island – Guánica, PR

The municipality of Guánica is full of natural wonders ready to be discovered by visitors to Puerto Rico’s southwestern coast. Among these is Gilligan’s Island, a perfect place to feel like a castaway.  Although these small cays are uninhabited, the crowds can get large on weekends and holidays, so it’s best not to expect the isolation its “TV show”-referencing name suggests.  Gilligan’s does represent quite a different experience for beachgoers. Stretches of sand are scarce, so visitors mainly leave their scant supplies on the shore or hanging from a mangrove, then proceed to wade on the gentle, clear, shallow waters. The hours seem to melt away in this relaxing setting, so do make sure to bring appropriate protection for the sun.  VIEW VIDEO

Piñones – Loíza, PR

Draped in natural beauty and teeming with culture and a myriad of leisure activities, Piñones – located in the municipality of Loíza – has something to please everybody. You can hike or ride a bike through the Boardwalk Trail which guides you through 11 kilometers of beaches and sections of the Piñones Natural Reserve, the largest mangrove forest in Puerto Rico.  There is also a wide selection of beaches, from the relaxing La Pocita with its clear and shallow pool, to the scenic more secluded Vacia Talega, and the surfing hot-spot of Aviones.  Roadside huts and kiosks feature traditional items such as cod fritters and rice with crab meat. There are also plenty of sit-down restaurants and bars. VIEW VIDEO


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Must See Attractions in Puerto Rico’s East Coast

Posted on 09 July 2009 by EyeFred

Puerto Rico’s east coast has developed into an essential vacation spot, beckoning tourists to discover it’s breathtaking natural wonders and numerous world-class accommodations, like El Conquistador Resort and Gran Meliá Puerto Rico.  Several prestigious events – including the Puerto Rico Open golf tournament at Trump International Golf Club – take advantage of the scenic setting provided by the eastern municipalities, while destinations such as Las Croabas highlight the diversity of activities available to visitors.

If you’re staying in the area and want to maximize your enjoyment, don’t miss these spectacular spots:

El Yunque National Forest - Río Grande, PR

Covering over 28,000 acres of land, El Yunque National Forest offers visitors some of the most breathtaking vistas found in the Caribbean.  The forest attracts over a million visitors each year, who come to hike its more than 13 miles of trails while enjoying the lush scenery, rich biodiversity, and fresh mountain air. Guided tours of these trails are available through the USDA Forest Service’s innovative “Forest Adventure Tours” and “Rent-A-Ranger” programs.  A short ten-minute drive through the village of Palmer in Río Grande and up PR Road #191 will lead you to the forest.  On your way up, don’t forget to stop at El Portal Rain Forest Center, an award-wining structure established in 1996 to serve as a gateway into El Yunque National Forest and to provide various recreational and educational opportunities to the general public. VIEW VIDEO

Balneario de Luquillo -  Luquillo, PR

Just a 45 minute ride east from San Juan and a couple of minutes away from the entrance to El Yunque Rainforest lies the Balneario de Luquillo. La Monserrate Beach, as it is also known, is one of the oldest and most visited public beaches on the island. A member of the Blue Flag Program that emphasizes water quality and environmental conservation, the crescent’s tranquil waters are surrounded by spectacular views of the nearby mountains.  Stopping by the strip of kiosks on the road leaving the beach, where you can enjoy a great variety of fritters and other staples of traditional cuisine, should be an essential part of your visit.  VIEW VIDEO

Balneario Seven Seas - Fajardo, PR

The Balneario Seven Seas, located on the northeastern tip of the island, is the municipality of Fajardo’s most popular public beach. Puerto Rico’s Compañía de Parques Nacionales oversees this long stretch of beach, known to draw large crowds on weekends and holidays. Seven Seas features powdery white sands that gently slope towards the shallow, clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Amenities available for visitors include restrooms and showers, lifeguards on duty, security guards, as well as wheelchair access to the beach. Camping is also allowed with proper permit for a fee, or one can rent a gazebo for the night.  VIEW VIDEO

Bahía Bioluminiscente Laguna Grande - Fajardo, PR

Puerto Rico’s eastern coast – host to some of the island’s best known attractions – has been blessed with an extraordinary rare and beautiful natural phenomenon seldom seen anywhere else in the world: the bioluminescent waters of Laguna Grande, where endless amounts of microscopic, single-celled organisms known as dinoflagellates light up like stardust whenever they are activated by movement.  Eco-friendly tours depart regularly from the public dock at the small fishing village of Las Croabas located on route 987. Several private companies are ready to take you on a two-hour night-time kayak adventure through the bay and into the mangrove channels that lead to Laguna Grande.  VIEW VIDEO

Las Cabezas de San Juan - Fajardo, PR

Located on 445 acres of land acquired and maintained by The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve is an incredibly diverse and scientifically important tract of land.  The main tour consist of a two-hour trolley ride that guides you along the reserve with three stops of interest. Among those are the boardwalk trail through a mangrove forest, Playa Lirios, and El Faro de Fajardo. Situated on the highest point of Cape San Juan, the stone building was the second lighthouse erected on the island by the Spanish and offers breathtaking views to enjoy as trade winds gently blow by.  VIEW VIDEO


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