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Announcements: October 2007

Posted on 30 July 2007 by EyeFred

EyeTour Puerto Rico has been selected as one of fifteen semi-finalists in Puerto Rico’s EnterPRize Business Plan 2007 competition! We want to congratulate the other groups that made the cut and hope to learn more about their projects soon.

EyeTour Puerto Rico has moved to a (harder), better, faster, (stronger) server managed by our friends at ML Studio (Qoodos.com). What it means for you? Faster and more reliable downloads and a better experience all around – so visit us once more and download until your iPod is full!

EyeTour ‘How To Make Alcapurrias’ video is now online at KitchenCaravan.com! Watch it there and learn a thing or two about cooking! The girls at Kitchen Caravan have prepared an episode full of Puerto Rican inspired cooking, including a ‘Cafe con leche’ Flan, Croquetas de ceviche, and an asopao. EyeTour takes you to Piñones to learn how vendors make the best ‘alcapurrias de jueyes’. Enjoy!


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