Salinas, PR – Town of the Mojito Isleño

The southern coastal municipality of Salinas might be small in size, but its many natural and human-built resources are well-known beyond Puerto Rico and draw visitors of all kinds.

One of the town’s landmarks is the Albergue Olímpico Germán Rieckehoff. The complex consists of both open areas and a wide range of buildings. The latter house a wide range of services and attractions, including training facilities, a school for young athletes, a hostel, and a health center. Visitors of all kinds are welcome at the Albergue and are able to use many of its sporting facilities, as well as its water parks, picnic areas, and other attractions.

The complex is named after the influential Don Germán Rieckehoff, former president of the island’s Olympic Committee. Despite the island’s political status as Commonwealth of the United States, Puerto Rico has participated independently in the Olympics since 1948. Visitors to the Albergue can learn about this topic within the Museum of Sports.

Ecotourists will find access to the Jobos Bay Reserve through Salinas. The reserve includes a series of cays (Cayos Caribe), as well as a mangrove forest (Mar Negro). Endangered species such as the West Indian manatee and the brown pelican make Jobos Bay their home, as did the taíno natives centuries ago, according to the archeological record. Tourists might also be tempted to venture out into the sea by renting a kayak at the Marina de Salinas or just relaxing at one of its crystalline beaches.

Perhaps one of the more unique celebrations in Puerto Rico is a festival in honor of a dipping sauce. Salinas claims the title of Town of the Mojito Isleño – chopped garlic, onions, tomatoes, and peppers, herbs and spices, mixed with olive oil. This staple of island cuisine comes in handy especially when cooking seafood – or enjoying it at one of the many restaurants found in this fishing town!

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