Lajas, PR

Lajas might not be one of the biggest municipalities in the island’s southwest coast, but it is surely abundant in resources, from fields to shore and beyond. An irrigation system stemming from the valley’s two rivers makes Lajas a vital resource for surrounding municipalities. Also, many diving aficionados make their way to Lajas for amazing diving opportunities thanks to the crystal-clear waters.

Those who prefer to stay above water can still enjoy the wondrous sea life by boating under a moonless night sky around the bioluminescent bay. Of great renown all over the island, this hop to Bahía La Parguera is very popular among locals and should be on the list of side-trips for tourists staying on Puerto Rico’s opposite corner (the Northeast). Here at the bay you are encouraged to disturb the inhabitants, since that’s what causes the dinoflagellates to emit their glow.

The bay area consists of a fishing village that has developed into a quaint but significant tourist area, with various types of overnight accommodations and sea sport agencies lining the coast. As one might guess, there’s also great seafood to be had at the many restaurants featuring the freshest of catches. And if island vacations often conjure up the sensation of sipping on frozen piña coladas, Lajas might just be the perfect spot for you. While its beaches provide the locale, the valleys in this area are overflowing with “piña cabezona” (literally, big-headed), a large and juicy type of pineapple. Nothing like the aroma and taste of fresh-cut pineapples to help one sink into a sweet, beachside stupor.

Those looking to stay more active can go kayaking among the mangroves at the Boquerón Forest. The abundant mangroves in the areas form an intricate system of canals fun for boating or rowing around, while the many small cays provide the perfect spot for stopping to rest weary arms and float on the crystalline waters.

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