Help Save A Sato: Become a Sato Transport Escort!

Help Save A Sato bring happy, healthy, rescued dogs to loving homes on the mainland.

Save a Sato is a nonprofit foundation that rescues dogs from beaches, streets, and construction sites across the island of Puerto Rico. We give them immediate medical attention, food and shelter, and lots of love. When they are ready, we send them on nonstop American Airlines flights to cities in the continental U.S. where we have partner shelters (Boston, Hartford, Newark, etc.). From there, they are adopted into loving homes.

But we need transport escorts to make this possible…federal law prohibits our sending dogs without a corresponding traveler. If you are leaving Puerto Rico on an American Airlines flight, please consider being an escort. It’s easy.

How does it work?

Tell us your travel itinerary and we ask our shelter partners if they can accept dogs then.

We confirm with you that we are sending dogs on your flight—please let us know if your plans change.

On the day of your flight, we arrive several hours early to check in the dogs and pay the fees. We recommend that you arrive early too. The dogs will travel on your ticket as additional luggage.

A ticket agent needs to see your photo ID to confirm that you are actually on the flight. So, please introduce yourself to one of our volunteers. We are easy to find!  Follow the barking to the left of the main AA ticket counter.

On arrival, our partners meet the dogs at baggage claim. Documentation travels with each dog, so you don’t need to wait for the shelter team.

Who can be an escort?

Anyone over 18, who is traveling on an American Airlines flight that either originates or connects in San Juan.

What does it cost?

Nothing! Save a Sato pays all the fees, though contributions are gratefully accepted and put into programs for the animals.

Can I still check my own luggage?

Yes, but we can only send kennels up to the luggage limit, so the less checked, the better for the dogs. It helps us to know how many bags you will be checking.

What if my plane is delayed?

Don’t worry. Save a Sato monitors the departure. If the flight is cancelled, we will pick up the dogs. Likewise, the receiving shelter monitor the arrival time. You will have contact names and numbers for Save a Sato and the receiving shelter, just in case.

How do I sign up?

Just email your travel plans and contact info to

To learn more about Save A Sato please visit their website at

Feel great about helping very deserving animals on a crucial step of their journey to a forever home.

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