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Can EyeTour make a video of my company or business?

  • We certainly can! EyeTour provides cost-effective video production services to businesses, specially those within the Tourism Industry. Please contact our sales representatives at info@eyetour.com for information about pricing and rates and available services.

I have pictures of Puerto Rico, can I upload them to EyeTour.com?

  • Currently, no, but we are planning on opening up the site to user-contributed content in the future. If you would like to collaborate with EyeTour.com or provide original content to our website, please write to us at info@eyetour.com.

Do you have a Facebook Page?

  • Yes. Please visit our Facebook Page and become our fan! You can give us a shout out, tell us what you think about the website and share whatever is on your mind with us. We love to hear from our visitors.

Any plans to translate EyeTour content into other languages?

  • We want as many people as possible around the world to enjoy EyeTour videos, so translating our content in definitely on our plans. We are looking for sponsors and translators to help us with this task and we would like to begin with Spanish translations for all of our content. If you’d like to sponsor a particular translation or would like to translate videos into other languages for EyeTour contact us at info@eyetour.com.

How can I advertise my business on your website?

  • Write us at info@eyetour.com. Our sales team will fill you in on rates, pricing plans, and all available advertising options, such as video production sponsorship placement and online placement.

Is EyeTour.com a private venture or a government project?

  • EyeTour.com is a private, for-profit company. Some of EyeTour’s sponsors are government agencies such as the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Rums of Puerto Rico, and CCEPR. However, EyeTour has no affiliation to any particular political party or government agency. EyeTour video content is produced by EyeTour’s employees and is owned by EyeTour.com. Although there is opportunity for collaboration with the sites included on our video guide, it is to make our information as accurate and current as possible, as EyeTour retains final cut and sole ownership of all video productions.

How did you decide what tourist sites to include in EyeTour.com?

  • As Puerto Rico’s Premier Online Video Guide, EyeTour traveled the entire island and its 78 municipalities to scout all of Puerto Rico’s attractions to include on our video guide. We have also collaborated with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, using its database for guidance, and have consulted with renowned local historians, university professors, researched historical archives and resources. Also as Puerto Ricans, born and raise on the island, we have also our personal experiences and accounts from friends and families to help us decide which places to feature in EyeTour.com. Our goal is to include as many sites of tourist interest as possible in EyeTour.com. Please let us know which sites you would like to see featured in EyeTour.com.

Will there be more EyeTour videos soon?

  • Yes. EyeTour is always working on the creation of new content. Please subscribe to our mailing list and visit our site often to find out when new content is about to be debuted.

Is EyeTour content free?

  • Yes, EyeTour video content is currently free to download for individual and private personal use only. To access video downloads you must subscribe first to the EyeTour.com Newsletter & Mailing List and agree to EyeTour’s Terms of Use. Our videos are made available to the public with a limited individual license under the guidelines described on EyeTour’s Terms of Use. Restrictions do apply so be sure you read and understand the website’s Terms of Use.

Can I post EyeTour videos on my site?

  • A video embed feature is in the works. This is the ONLY way that the content may be reproduced outside of EyeTour.com. Any other unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted.

I love your website’s images! Can I download them?

  • No. The user may download EyeTour videos by subscribing to the EyeTour.com Newsletter & Mailing List and agreeing to EyeTour’s Terms of Use. However, any other content such as (but not limited to): images, pictures, animations, and artwork found on EyeTour.com may not be used or reproduced without the expressed written authorization of EyeTour.com. EyeTour from time to time will give away free wallpaper images for you to decorate your personal computer’s desktop or mobile device. These images are subject to the same conditions established in the Terms of Use.

I can’t see some of the content on the site.

  • To watch EyeTour videos, please make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed on your computer. For optimal performance please upgrade your Internet browser to the latest version available to date. We recommend using Mozilla’s Firefox browser. If items on the screen seem too big, EyeTour recommends adjusting your screen’s resolution to 1200×800 or higher.

Are there EyeTours available about other countries besides Puerto Rico?

  • Puerto Rico is EyeTour.com’s first home and operations hub. We are currently planning development of EyeTours for other countries. Please let us know if you would which destinations you would like to see in EyeTour.com. If you are interested in helping our company expand to other destinations, please write to us at info@eyetour.com.

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