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Great Places for Photography in PR: Western Region

Posted on 05 November 2010 by jose

To celebrate our island’s natural wonders, sights, and colorful culture, EyeTour has compiled the ‘Great Places for Photography in Puerto Rico’ post series. Throughout the series we will feature some of the most amazing spots for photography lovers, hidden places, and suggested photo routes found throughout the different regions of the island. Join us for our first look into Puerto Rico’s Western Region!

If you’re looking for the best sunsets at the beach, west is the way to go. If that isn’t enough, world famous surfing spots, inspiring architecture from the Spanish Colonial era, historical lighthouses, and much more awaits you in this spectacular region of Puerto Rico. This part of the island provides a wide variety of photo opportunities throughout its municipalities, so plan your trip ahead (perhaps by checking out our own collection of EyeTour videos).


Rincón is famous for its beaches, the surf and breathtaking sunsets. If you are looking to take pictures of the people surfing in most of the beaches in Rincón the point break of the surf is far from the shore so the use of a Tele Lens and a tripod is recommended.

El Faro de Punta Higüero has a vantage point looking towards the Isla desecheo and Domes Surfing Beach. Since the Lighthouse premises are located on a high grounds and inwards the sea you might be able to take some amazing action shots of the surfers with a good tele-lens (200mm lens or higher).

Cabo Rojo

Los Morillos Lighthouse is one spectacle to behold. This inspiring Lighthouse located on the westernmost corner of Cabo Rojo provides photographer the opportunity to capture a great sunset in a great panoramic scenario.

The Cabo Rojo Salt Flats has on its premises hiking trails, an observation post and the outstanding salt flats, giving the visitor an excellent opportunity for nature photography. You can take a bird watching tour or simply hike through the bio diversity of this reserve.


Crash Boat is located in the municipality of Aguadilla and is one of the most photographed beaches of Puerto Rico. Just before getting to Crash Boat’s entrance there is an observation deck that is the perfect spot for a panoramic shot of the beach. The other big thing to look for on this beach are the painteresque fishing boats parked in the sand at the eastern side of the shore.

San German

One of the oldest Christian structures in the western hemisphere the Iglesia Porta Coelie stands in the center of the municipality of San German. This church is a great example of the spanish colonial architecture and is a great starting point for taking pictures in the historical town of San German.

From the top of the Porta Coelie’s stairs a good wide view of the plaza can be photographed. Also you can try walking around the plaza and encounter first hand the streets and historical facades of the antique houses around town.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of EyeTour photographs and remember you can share your favorite places using the comments section below!


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Great Places for Photography in PR: Central Region

Posted on 13 October 2010 by jose

To celebrate our island’s natural wonders, sights, and colorful culture, EyeTour has compiled the ‘Great Places for Photography in Puerto Rico’ post series. Throughout the series we will feature some of the most amazing spots for photography lovers, hidden places, and suggested photo routes found throughout the different regions of the island. Join us for our first look into Puerto Rico’s Central Region, known for the mountain roads, cooler weather, and lush vegetation of the Cordillera Central mountain range.

Explore beyond the shore and venture into Puerto Rico’s central region filled with panoramic routes, sights and a countryside charm to behold. If you’re planning a road trip through the mountains here are some good points of interest along the way.

Municipality of Barranquitas

In the municipality of Barranquitas you will find a picturesque town filled with color and history. If you feel like going on a road trip and exploring beyond the shore, this panoramic route to the center of the island is a cool place to start.

Plaza located in the heart of Barranquitas:Being relatively small you can walk through the town and find historic places like The House of the Philanthropist Luis Muñoz Rivera and his mausoleum, the historic Casa Museo Joaquín de Rojas and The Church named Parroquia San Antonio de Pauda.

Cañón de San Cristóbal: Excursions are organized to the bottom of this canyon although it is a very intense descent and a great physical aptitude and professional guides is a must for this adventure. However, visitors can enjoy a majestic view from the top of the Canyon San Cristóbal thanks to the guided tours and trails maintained by the Fideicomiso de Conservación de Puerto Rico.

Municipality of Cayey

If you are heading for the south or southwest area of Puerto Rico it is hard to miss the wonderful view on different sectors of the highway PR-52. In particular, when passing by the municipality of Cayey there are some of the best views of Puerto Rico’s Central Mountains called “La Cordillera Central”. A good Spot to park the car and take panoramic pictures is the Monumento al Jíbaro.

Monumento al Jíbaro on highway PR-52:The Impressive view of the mountains sometimes let you see as far as the Caribbean Sea and the municipality of Ponce. During summer the mountains might look brown because of the dry season.

Municipality of Orocovis

As well as Barranquitas, Orocovis is a municipality fun for enjoying a panoramic view and discovering the country side of Puerto Rico. Some say that Orocovis is in the exact center of the Island and in particular there are two spots that stands out on this municipality; The Toro Negro Forest and The Mirador Villalba-Oricovis.

Mirador Villalba-OrocovisIn the frontier between Villalba and Orocovis stands a great viewpoint for photography. With good weather conditions it is possible to watch both, the northern and southern coast of the island. This is a perfect point of view for a panoramic perspective of Puerto Rico.

El Bosque Estatal de Toro Negro: This hidden forest in the center of Puerto Rico has a flamboyant diversity of plants, small animals and insects perfect for nature photography and close-ups. A good precaution would be to bring a plastic bag for covering all the camera equipment in case of unexpected rains since it is common in this forest.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of EyeTour photographs and remember you can share your favorite places using the comments section below!


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Circa 09 International Art Fair (April 16-20)

Posted on 31 July 2009 by GSV

Beginning on Thursday, April 16, the Puerto Rico Convention Center becomes the focal point of the art world when it opens its doors to Circa 09.  Celebrating its 4th edition, this international art fair has become one of the Caribbean/Central America region’s most important gatherings of artists, galleries, collectors, and aficionados.  Circa’s main goal is to offer an organized, intimate space for promoting modern/contemporary art while capitalizing on Puerto Rico’s rich and diverse surroundings, as well as its thriving art collection scene.

The main program features cutting-edge works from hundreds of up-and-coming artists presented by local and international galleries such as the Galería 356 (San Juan),  Walter Otero (San Juan), Samson Projects (Boston), Espacio Mínimo (Madrid), and LMAK Projects (NYC).  Solo exhibitions involving different mediums – painting, photography, video, installation, etc. – will also be featured, selected from an open call by event curators. Additionally, the Circa Labs located outside the main pavilion will host experimental gatherings from other artists.

For information about this year’s event, click here.

For a review of Circa’s 2008 edition by Walter Robinson of artnet magazine, click here.

For more information about the Puerto Rico Convention Center, click here.


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Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Oh, it’s a kite!

Posted on 28 July 2009 by GSV

As spring turns into summer, and the skies begin to clear up, the time-honored tradition of kite flying returns to occupy open spaces all around Puerto Rico.  The most popular spot on the island for this type of activity is the wide, open field of El Morro.  The area around the historical landmark contains all the necessary conditions for successful kite flying in a picturesque setting: the sprawling green lawn, the unobstructed airspace (no power lines or aircraft), and the constant, unrelenting trade winds.  With these characteristics, it’s no wonder why kite flying in El Morro is something every Puerto Rican family tries at least once.  Picnics are commonplace with parents and children participating in the event; the terrain strewed with blankets, chairs and coolers, the sky dotted with simple or fantastical chiringas – as the flying objects are locally known.

Kite flying is such a beloved leisure activity that the National Park Service has an annual Kite Festival celebrating the tradition, as well as raising awareness about the environmental repercussions we can avoid by being mindful of our surroundings.  In fact, kite safety and etiquette are things you should familiarize yourself with before setting out.  With the knowledge at hand, you’ll be able to better enjoy the experience.

And what else do you need to enjoy the experience?  A kite, of course!  Kites are fairly simple to make right at home, so you can certainly turn your weekend into a full-fledged experience by making your own kite and proudly displaying your unique creation up in the sky.  You can also bring your own store-bought flying sensation or buy one from the numerous street vendors (or the local pharmacy or toy store) lining the streets around El Morro and the Plaza del Quinto CentenarioGayla is one of the most trusted brands for cheap yet incredibly sturdy and easy to assemble kites – and their classic designs like the ‘Baby Bat’ look great when displayed up above. Readily available in Old San Juan for less than five dollars, there is a lot of fun to be had on the cheap!

Kite-flying season runs ostensibly from mid-spring to late summer and isn’t just focused on El Morro.  Several other municipalities, like Fajardo and Lajas, celebrate the season with festivals of their own.


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World’s Best 10K 2009 Event Schedule / Itinerary

Posted on 27 July 2009 by EyeFred

Photo by procsilasPhoto by procsilas

Friday February 27, 2009

Fitness Festival – Roberto Clemente Coliseum
Runner’s kit pick up
Runner’s Kit Pick-Up
Sports & Health Expo

San Juan Sports Festival

Saturday February 28, 2009

Fitness Festival – Roberto Clemente Coliseum
Runner’s Kit Pick-Up
Sports & Health Expo

Special Olympics

Sunday March 1, 2009

Duathlon over the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge
Chalk Drawing Contest
Westernkids Mini Race
Wheelchair Race 
World’s Best 10K

To read more about the event, click here.


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Saborea Puerto Rico: A Culinary Extravaganza

Posted on 27 July 2009 by GSV

After last year’s resounding success, Saborea Puerto Rico returns for a second helping as the Caribbean’s premiere culinary event.  The three-day festival runs from Friday, April 3rd through Sunday, April 5th – at El Escambrón Beach near Old San Juan – and promises an extravagant gastronomic experience to delight even the most meticulous food enthusiast.   The festivities commence on Friday night with the Rums Of Puerto Rico Beach Soireé, a can’t-miss bash featuring an amazing assortment of cocktails and a menu created by chefs Bradford Thompson and Mario Ferro.

The Saborea Puerto Rico Village opens Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm and encompasses the main activities within the event.  At Al Euro Demo Kitchen Theatre, renowned local and international chefs will delight onlookers with cooking presentations.  Among the personalities participating in the event are: Iron Chef Cat Cora, Executive Chef of Bon Appétit magazine; Michael Psilakis, Best New Chef of 2008 for Food & Wine magazine; world-famous chocolatier Jacques Torres, and acclaimed Puerto Rican chef, Wilo Benet.  To see who else will be presenting, click here.

Tastings, seminars and other demonstrations are spread out across two pavilions, where foodies will get a chance to try dishes and sample a wide variety of wines and spirits from some of Puerto Rico’s finest dining places.  Some of the establishments showcasing the flavors of Caribbean and World cuisine include Ajili-Mojili, Trois Cent Onze (311), Morton’s @ Caribe Hilton, Old Harbor Brewery, and many others.  For a complete list of restaurants and exhibitors, click here.

Not to be left out, the Saborea Kid’s Pavilion offers youngsters the opportunity to learn simple and fun recipes through cooking demonstrations and other exhibitions.

With the abundance of activities, a picturesque setting and the exquisite flavors of the cuisine, events such as Saborea are quickly making Puerto Rico the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean.


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Festival Claridad 2009 Event Schedule / Itinerary

Posted on 24 July 2009 by EyeFred


For information about the Festival Claridad, click here. For directions, start


Thursday, February 26

(from 7:00 pm)

Main Stage / Tarima Claridad

Héctor Giovanni y su Orquesta
Caribe Gitano
Andrés Jiménez
El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Second Stage / Tarima Estrella (starts at 4pm)

7:00 pm to 9:30 pm – Live Transmission Fuego cruzado
Sal de tu duda with Luz Nereida Pérez (Mariana Editores)
Book Reading and Signing: Sexo y cura/Carnada de cangrejo by Rafah Acevedo (Editorial Isla Negra)
Performance: El dragón de la playa by Héctor Iván Monclova (Isla Negra)
Book Reading: Breve estadía en el cuerpo by Iván Figueroa Luciano (Isla Negra)
Presentation and Signing: Ensayos para la terraza by Daniel Nina (Isla Negra).
9:30 pm – Rap (Absoluto independiente, Desde el campo , and others)
10:00 pm – Sábana Negra


Friday, February 27

(from 6:00 pm)

Main Stage / Tarima Claridad

Antonio Cabán Vale, El Topo
Andy Montañez y su Orquesta
Plena Libre
Roy Brown
Sammy García y El Sabor de Puerto Rico

Second Stage / Tarima Estrella (starts at 4pm)

4:45 pm – Live Transmission Fuego cruzado
7:00 pm – Kids Happy hour by Tres Monjitas & visit by the Capitán, the Coop. Zeno Gandía mascot
7:30 pm – Child violinists, Conservatorio de Música de P.R.’s Suzuki Program
8:00 pmOjo: fábulas cautivas (fragment), Teatro Rodante de la UPR (Rosa Luisa Márquez)
8:30 pm – Salsa Dance lesson with José Iván Carrasquillo
9:30 pm - Guanajibo (Reggae)


Saturday, February 28

(from 2:00 pm)

Main Stage / Tarima Claridad

Child Trovadores Presentation
Peton Place Blues Criollo with Silverio, Sunshine, and Edwin Colón Zayas
Trovadores Meet-Up
El Espectáculo de Chabela
Orquesta La Exclusiva
Haciendo Punto en Otro Son
Así Somos
Orquesta La Experimental
Fiel a la Vega (Rock)

Second Stage / Tarima Estrella

6:00 pmBombaeróbicos (Bomba-aerobics) with Elia Cortés and Taller Tamboricua
7:30 pm – Stage play: ¡Qué tostón! - Jóvenes del 98′
8:00 pm – Alí Tapia, Ivania Zayas y el rumbero Vainilla
9:00 pm – Noche de musarañas


Sunday, March 1

(from 1:00 pm)

Main Stage / Tarima Claridad

Plenazo Claridad
Tata Cepeda y Gracimá
Julito Alvarado y del Sur al Norte

Second Stage / Tarima Estrella

12:00 pm – Masks Workshop with Lowell Fiet
2:00 pmPau, el defensor de la paz – Jóvenes del 98′
2:30 pm – Book Reading with author Tina Casanova
3:00 pmLudmilia – Deborah Hunt
3:30 pmEl girasol – Agua, sol y sereno
4:00 pm – Bomba Workshop with Tata Cepeda and the School of Bomba & Plena
5:00 pmHistoria de arroz con habichuelas – Andanza 
6:00 pm¡Che! Kes-ke Ce? (humorous) – Compañía M + M
6:30 pm – Grupo Trabuco y Dulce de coco


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Dance to the rhythms of El Gran Combo at the Festival Claridad

Posted on 24 July 2009 by GSV


For event itinerary, click here.

The 35th edition of the Festival Claridad kicks off this Thursday, February 26, 2009 at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium parking lot in San Juan.  A 4-day celebration of Puerto Rican national identity, the festival is organized every year by local pro-independence newspaper, Claridad, and is to many the first major cultural event on the island after its prolonged (and renowned) holiday season.  This year’s festivities are dedicated to the world’s preeminent salsa group, one of the island’s most beloved musical acts, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.  The party starts Thursday night with the honored guests taking the main stage to deliver the beloved sounds of their signature salsa gorda.

Needless to say, lots of dancing is expected – so brush up on those dance steps and salsa moves!  (Here are the basic steps to get you started, and some dazzling ones to get you pumped up and in the mood.)  Don’t let those latin rhythms intimidate you – the idea is to have fun, enjoy yourself, and learn some new steps from the more experienced crowd.

The weekend’s musical acts include local favorites like folk singer-songwriter Roy Brown, rock group Fiel a la Vega, salsa legend Andy Montañez, and traditional bomba y plena groups like Plena Libre – all sure to attract big crowds.  A second stage features book readings, theatre troupes, and comedy shows.  Saturday’s  Copa Claridad singing contest pits fellow trovadores or troubadours against one another, in a display of each’s unique style, wit, and compositional skills, as they rhyme verses in the traditional form know as the décima.

The festival is also known for the plethora of kiosks, tarps, and booths that cover the surrounding areas of the Hiram Bithorn Stadium lot, highlighting the work of local artisans and artists who travel from all over Puerto Rico to proudly display and sell their products here.  You can expect to find anything from t-shirts and lithographs, to hand-crafted jewelry and sculptures.  Hand-rolled cigars are also quite popular.  The stadium is conveniently located next to PR-22, and its two main entrances – one through Franklin Roosevelt Ave. in front of the Plaza Las Americas shopping center, the other on Domenech Ave. – are both an exit away from the expressway. (


The Festival Claridad begins on Thursday, February 26 and runs through Sunday, March 1.  A $5 dollar donation is requested at the gates.


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Outdoor Movie Screenings Bring Out the Crowds!

Posted on 22 July 2009 by EyeFred


On Saturday, February 21, participated in the last outdoor screening of the season for Cinema Eventos‘s free biweekly movie events in the Parque Nacional Laguna del Condado Jaime Benítez, located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The night’s screening featured Marcos Carnevale’s Elsa and Fred, a film beloved by many Puerto Ricans and famous for having a successful run at the local theaters that ended after 74 weeks. videos of some of Puerto Rico’s public parks were screened for audiences on Cinema Eventos’s giant inflatable projection screen, including videos of Isla de CabrasBalneario Seven Seas, and Boquerón.

The park proves to be the perfect outdoor setting at dusk, when the skies take on purplish and indigo tones – augmenting a magnificent view of the skyline across the waters of the Condado Lagoon.  The event was sponsored by the Compañía de Parques Nacionales de Puerto Rico, which hosts a variety of events across many of the island’s public parks, beaches, and camping sites.


Cinema Eventos’s outdoor movie screenings – which feature classics, modern classics, family friendly films, as well as some premieres – began late last year and have consistently convinced hundreds of people to come out and enjoy the night outdoors in the company of their neighbors and loved ones.  Popcorn and refreshments are also served for free (although donations are greatly appreciated) – you only need to bring your own chair or picnic blanket!  This first run of screenings has been a great success inspiring many to come out and spend time in our public parks.  We hope to provide visitors with more information about future screenings soon!


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GOAL! Islanders Kick Start the 2009 Season

Posted on 17 July 2009 by GSV

Juan Ramon Loubriel Stadium in Bayamón will be rocking this Saturday evening when the Puerto Rico Islanders FC begin their United Soccer Leagues Division One’s (USL-1) 2009 season.  Not traditionally known as a soccer-loving nation, Puerto Rico’s residents have slowly but surely begun embracing the sport, due in large part to the success of the Islanders.  Since joining the league in 2004, the club’s fortunes have gotten better each year.  The team missed the playoffs their first 2 seasons in the league but have advanced further in the postseason for 3 years in a row, losing last year’s final against Saturday’s opponent, the Vancouver Whitecaps.

The Islanders head into the 2009 schedule as preseason favorites thanks to their impressive returning core – including reigning USL-1 MVP Jonathan Steele, Defender of the Year Cristian Arrieta, Goalkeeper of the Year Bill Gaudette and captain Noah Delgado – as well as the influx of new talent, headlined by forward Nicholas Addlery and midfielders Dominic Mediate and Martin Nuñez.  The roster depth created by the signings give the Tropa Naranja (or Orange Troop as they’re affectionately called) more flexibility to not only compete and win in the USL-1 but to expand their sights towards international competitions.  The club has recently begun participating in the CONCACAF Champion’s League and did well in their first taste of internationl action, reaching the semifinals before losing a heartbreaker to Cruz Azul of Mexico’s Primera División.

With renewed energy, high hopes, and a growing fanbase, the 2009 season looks very bright for the Islanders.

Home Game Schedule at Juan Ramon Loubriel Stadium in Bayamón, PR

Saturday April 18th @ 7:00PM vs Vancouver Whitecaps

Friday April 24th @ 8:00PM vs Rochester Rhinos

Saturday May 2nd @ 8:00PM vs Montreal Impact

Friday May 22nd @ 8:00PM vs Portland Timbers

Sunday May 24th @ 6:00PM vs Portland Timbers

Thursday Junes 4th @ 8:00PM vs Cleveland City Stars

Saturday June 6th @ 7:00PM vs Cleveland City Stars

Friday June 12th @ 8:00PM vs Austin Aztex

Thursday June 18th @ 8:00PM vs Charleston Battery

Saturday June 20th @ 7:00PM vs Charleston Battery

Saturday August 8th @ 7:00PM vs Miami FC Blues

Saturday August 15th @ 7:00PM vs Montreal Impact

Saturday August 29th @ 7:00PM vs Minnesota Thunder

Sunday September 6th @ 6:00PM vs Rochester Rhinos

Monday September 14th @ 8:00PM vs Carolina RailHawks

For the complete USL-1 Islander games schedule, including away games, click here.

To purchase tickets to Islander home games, click here.

For Puerto Rican fútbol (soccer) news, click here (website in Spanish).


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