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EyeTour Develops First Augmented Reality Experience For Puerto Rico

Posted on 17 July 2009 by EyeFred

Welcome to the future of tour technology!

SAN JUAN, August 18th, 2009.  EyeTour has become one of the first developers in the world to provide an Augmented Reality tour experience for users of advanced mobile phones.  Augmented Reality is one of the most exciting technological developments that is rapidly gaining acceptance through the use of advanced mobile phones like the Google’s G1 and the iPhone, and innovative applications such as the recently released Layar Reality Browser by Amsterdam-based company Layar.

Following the release of the Layar Reality Browser in June 2009 and it subsequent API release in July 8th, 2009, EyeTour became one of fifty developers in the world entrusted with developing content or ‘layers’ to be browsed using the novel application.  EyeTour’s award-winning content, which includes high-quality video tours of Puerto Rico’s greatest attractions, photo galleries, and site information, is available now as an Augmented Reality experience for owners of advanced mobile phones running on Google’s Android platform, like the G1 phone available locally through T-mobile.  Users need to download the Layar Reality Browser application to their phones in order to experience Puerto Rico through technology akin to that previously found only within the realm of science fiction.

The concept is easy to understand through personal experience and extremely intuitive, but decidely harder to demonstrate through still images or words (which is precisely why we prepared a video demonstration – see Youtube video above).  Advanced mobile phones such as the G1 or ‘Google Phone’ are capable of overlaying information on top of the real world by using the device’s camera, GPS, and compass.  When you point your phone’s camera towards a target (as you would to take a photograph with it), you’ll be able to see additional information displayed on top of whatever you are looking at on the device’s screen.  EyeTour’s Layar contribution allows users to walk the streets of San Juan, finding their way from historical site to historical site via radar, while being able to access high-quality videos, photo galleries, and additional information such as contact phone numbers and hours of operation.

The project is the latest in EyeTour’s string of technological innovations within the tourism industry and is part of the company’s commitment to establishing Puerto Rico as a leading destination for tech-savvy tourists, as well as to  promoting local development efforts.  EyeTour’s Augmented Reality experience was developed in conjunction with Puerto Rican developer Pablo López – known locally for the hit iPhone application, Parranda – who also developed the current version of, recipient of this year’s SME WebAd Award for Best Website.  Mr. López’s new tech company, based in Puerto Rico, focuses on the development of next generation mobile applications and services.

A Selection of 8 Layar Dreams – concept designs selected for the Layar Blog. EyeTour is second from top.

8 Layar 2.0 Videos – examples of layers developed for Layar 2.0 launch (August 17th, 2009).  EyeTour is second from bottom.

Layar’s Press Release:

Press Release: Layar Reality Browser Announces Global Launch and New Features in the Latest Release

Over 100 partners worldwide developing content layers including well known brands

AMSTERDAM, August 17th 2009. Layar, which was first launched in June 2009 in The Netherlands, announces that it’s second generation Reality Browser is now available globally on Android devices. Many new content layers are available in the Reality Browser which vary from Wikipedia, Twitter and Brightkite to local services like Yelp, Trulia, store locator’s, nearby bus stops, mobile coupons, Mazda dealers and tourist, nature and cultural guides.

Layar Reality Browser 2.0
To discover new content quickly and with ease, the new Reality Browser includes sections for ‘Featured’ and ‘Popular’. All layers are also accessible via a keyword search in the search function. Layers that are used often can be saved to ‘Favorites’. In addition to the enhanced augmented reality camera view, it is now possible to select Map or List view. For every Point of Interest (POI), several actions can be taken such as: linking to a mobile site for more information, playing a live location based trivia game, linking to a video or sound clip, clicking to call for reservations, and looking at a route description to the POI. Content partners can fully customize their layer to provide a distinctive experience for the user.

500 more developers
Over 100 developers worldwide have been given access to the Layar platform by means of an API key, and are currently developing layers.

Scott Halcomb of SystemK from Japan, who developed 22 layers including the ‘Sapporo Hotspots’ layer:
“With the Layar API and support of the developers community, creating layers has been a pleasure”.

Dave Elchoness of GoWeb3D from the USA/ India, with 11 layers published including FlickAR:
“We strongly believe that Layar represents the next evolution for mobile applications and feel privileged to participate”.

Michael Coutinho, Technical Manager at Trulia, USA:
“This is a great idea. I was able to develop our layer in about three hours.”

To further grow the community of developers, Layar has released an additional 500 new API keys. The supporting wiki (, with developer instructions and documentation, are all now available.

Layar for all
Starting from today, Layar is available for everyone with an Android phone anywhere in the world.  The Reality Browser can be downloaded in all local Android Markets and is pre-installed on the new Samsung Galaxy (i7500) in the Netherlands.

Dirk Groten, CTO:
“The next platform on which Layar will be available is the iPhone 3GS. We are currently investigating other platforms that support our functionalities.”

Raimo van der Klein, CEO:
“With the release of this Reality Browser we believe we have created a worldwide platform that will bring both fun and relevant Augmented Reality experiences in one application to a growing audience of users.”

The Layar Reality Browser displays real time digital information on top of reality in the camera screen of the mobile phone. While looking through the phone’s camera lens, a user can see houses for sale, popular bars and shops, tourist information of the area, play a live game, etcetera. Layar first launched on June 16th, 2009 and announced the opening up its platform by means of an API on July 8th, 2009. The Layar platform serves as an enabler for mobile location services – any database with geo-location information can easily be turned in a content layer. The Layar Reality Browser is globally available for mobile phones running the Android operating system. Layar is a company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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The Governor of Puerto Rico welcomes you to paradise!

Posted on 17 July 2009 by EyeFred

Back in 2005, when we began dreaming up our initial concept for Puerto Rico’s Premier Online Video Guide, we took inspiration from the Tourism Company’s Qué Pasa magazine – readily available in most hotels around the island for visitors to peruse, learn about our culture and events, and use as a guide during their stay.  One feature that resonated deeply within the EyeTour team was the welcome message by the Governor of Puerto Rico at the beginning of each issue of Qué Pasa – an important detail that projects warmth, instills confidence in the reader, and establishes the magazine to this day as a legitimate and leading source of information about the island for its visitors.

Following that magazine’s footsteps, we set out to adapt the feature for our online video guide, by including short welcome messages from then governor, Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, and former Director of the Tourism Company, Terestella González Denton, in the first version of our website (back in 2007).  Those messages welcomed thousands of visitors into and Puerto Rico until the end of that administration some eight months ago, when they were retired in order to make way for the island’s newly elected governor, the Hon. Luis G. Fortuño.

It is with a great sense of accomplishment that EyeTour is proud to present to you the above video message by the ninth Governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Fortuño.  We wish to thank the governor and his team at La Fortaleza for their time and commitment to making this possible despite their busy schedules and heavy workloads, and for understanding our project and seeing the value in our work – we truly appreciate it.  We hope this message is also succesful in expressing EyeTour’s commitment to Puerto Rico and its visitors, as well as to the local tourism industry and technological innovation.  Here’s to making it a tradition!


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Tags: , , , , Wins Big @ SME WebAD Awards!

Posted on 15 July 2009 by EyeFred won the award for Best Website at this year’s WebAD Awards hosted by SME (Asociación de Ejecutivos de Ventas y Mercadeo en Puerto Rico) at the Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The ceremony took place at the association’s yearly Puerto Rico Internet Forum, where the island’s top marketing and sales executives gathered for presentations on the medium’s ‘Social & Search Revolutions’.

Justin Levy, General Maneger at New Marketing Labs, centered his presentation on ‘Social Media Marketing’ – giving an overview on the benefits of exploiting social media as marketing tools and spending time discussing media darling services like Facebook and Twitter.  David Hughes, CEO at The Search Agency, and David Rahmel, Chief Research Officer and Executive Vice President at SEO, discussed the importance of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing as tactics to help grow a business by increasing brand visibility and traffics.

Facing some tough competition by some of Puerto Rico’s most visible brands and skilled media agencies, won the Best Website category against Toyota’s ‘La Increible Máquina de Ahorra Gasolina‘, developed by Nobox Marketing Group, and the ‘Postcards from the Stars‘ website, developed by a group of local noted entrepreneurs (including Pedro Juan Hernández of and Mr. Rafo Muñiz) in partnership with The Ricky Martin Foundation.  Other winners at the event included JWT for Best Internet Integration (Phone Star – Centennial) and Creative Media Communications for their work in the Rogelio 2008 political campaign.


EyeTour has evolved from the initial vision shared by three young entrepreneurs who found inspiration several years ago in Apple’s release of the first video iPod, into a full-fledged production company in charge of Puerto Rico’s Premier Online Video Guide, on the constant lookout for new technologies and Internet innovations with which to promote our precious Isla del Encanto. has become a feature-rich website experience unlike any other in the Caribbean that allows visitors to explore the island’s best attractions – historical sites, beaches, nature reserves, museums, restaurants, and more – through high-quality videos, detailed travel articles, and thousands of photographs. Visitors can download EyeTour videos into their iPod, iPhone, or other personal video player and fulfill the promise of our company’s slogan: BE YOUR OWN GUIDE!

We have created and much more – our blog covers major events and expands on our video content, we’ve established direct communication with our users via new Internet technologies such as Facebook and Twitter, and we’ve expanded our reach through modern distribution methods such as iTunes, YouTube, and RSS feeds.  EyeTour was also iPhone-ready well before the celebrated phone was made available in Puerto Rico.  The company has poured its heart into showing off what Puerto Rico is and what Puerto Ricans can do – and we hope it shows!

Any award accepted by is a recognition given to the independent spirit, to entrepreneurial drive in times of economic hardship, to the Davids of the world up against powerful but never almighty Goliaths, and to those that dare dream big and wake up – pen in hand – ready to commit those ideas to paper and share them with the rest of the world. We’ve only just begun.

The EyeTour Team accepts the award for Best Website.

The EyeTour Team accepts the award for Best Website.

Congratulations to the whole EyeTour production and web development team:

José Martí, Juan Agustín Márquez, Alfredo Richner, Pablo López, Adrián Richner, Gabriel Sánchez, Andrés Richner, Sherman Wildman, Danette Hudoba, Jacob Serlen, Gerardo Rodriguez

Thank you for all the hard work, odd hours, rush jobs, labours of love, bickering, hugs, and most of all, your passion!  We also wish to thank all of our friends and supporters (you know who you are).  This project would not exist without each of your contributions.


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‘Letters’ to EyeTour

Posted on 09 July 2009 by EyeFred

EyeTour shares some of our user comments with you.  Thanks for all who write in and let us know what they think about the site and how to make it better!  Want to speak your mind? Send us your comments, suggestions, questions, pictures, etc. at or via Twitter account at @eyetourpr!

Theresa writes via email:

“We just got back and miss it already!  I wanted to send you this picture of our ‘El Morro – Welcome to PR’ ambassador!!! I named her Mucho Gusto. Gotta love it!  Definitely have to come back!  The scenery was beautiful but the people are more so.  Everyone was so helpful and friendly.  Thanks for your site – it made the trip for us!

Frankie via Twitter: “Great stuff, my brother is goin to Puerto Rico in August, great source for stuff to do”

Abner via Email: “I found your website after reading an article in  This website is awesome, easy to navigate and you get a small video clip of each location and point of interest.  I am from PR, but reside in CA and have friends from all over – I introduce them to this website to brag about our beautiful island and they all ask me if this site gives tours of countries such as México, Canada or the USA.  Well I am not sure if your company plans to do something outside of Puerto Rico, but your web tour concept is one in a kind and perhaps should be extended to tour other countries.” (We sure hope so Abner! Stay tuned! – Eyefred)


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Posted on 04 July 2009 by EyeFred

We woke up today (June 4, 2009) to the magnificent news that EyeTour was featured on El Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico’s best-selling newspaper.  The article celebrates’s recent Best Website WebAd Award 2009 victory in the Sales and Marketing Executives Association of Puerto Rico yearly Internet Forum event.  If you have a hard copy of today’s paper on hand, turn to page 41.  If you don’t, you can read the news here (link in Spanish).  We’ve also prepared an English version of the article for non-Spanish speakers.

We want to thank once again the entire team for all their hard work and dedication to the project: Pablo, Adrián, Gabriel, Sherman, Danette, Mariano, Gerardo, Andrés, Jacob, our friends at the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Rums of Puerto Rico, Comercio y Exportación, INTENE, Grupo Guayacán,, ML Studio, and all the others who’ve allowed us to make our vision a reality.  It is because of them that you are able to sit back, relax, enjoy EyeTour videos and BE YOUR OWN GUIDE!

Also, we want to thank all of our Facebook fans and especially the Twittericans, who’ve shown their overwhelming support for the project since EyeTour opened its account a few months ago.  Thanks for all your kind words, motivation, and support!  We hope to celebrate and share many more victories in the near future with all of you!


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New Video Content Coming in 2010!

Posted on 04 July 2009 by EyeFred

EyeTour has begun production of 40 additional videos of top tourist attractions to be filmed throughout Puerto Rico.  A new agreement between EyeTour and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company resulted in additional funding for said productions, which will begin to pop up on our website beginning in 2010.

New videos include: Mar Chiquita in Manatí, el Cañon de San Cristóbal in Barranquitas, Casa Cautiño in Guayama, La Ruta Panorámica, and many more!

We are excited to hit the road once again and hope to bring our visitors more of the high-quality videos they’ve come to expect from EyeTour.


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EyeTour Selected for Puerto Rico Startup Index

Posted on 04 July 2009 by EyeFred

The Puerto Rico Startup/Emerging Company Index is the first of its kind on the island.  Started by Grupo Guayacán and using technology from, the index will initially track the growth and progress of ten of the island’s most promising startups as chosen by the private non-profit, also responsible for the Puerto Rico Venture Forum and the EnterPRize Business Plan Competition.  Companies on the index are measured by trends in their traffic, news coverage, employees and funding.

We are proud to announce that EyeTour has been chosen as one of these ten companies to be included on the index.  Other companies included on the index are: VernetSofscape CaribeRebexae-NablerAlive PRAssertusGenesoft LabsNexellence, and our good friends at Compra o Alquila.  You can view the index over at

You can read an article about the Puerto Rico Startup Index published on Wednesday, December 2 in El Nuevo Día by clicking over to their site: (link is not permanent).  We’ve published part of the article below for your convenience (sorry, in spanish only):

Nueva métrica para la innovación

Grupo Guayacán lanza un índice para medir el crecimiento de las empresas de alto impacto en Puerto Rico

por Marian Díaz,  El Nuevo Día

Las empresas incipientes en Puerto Rico tendrán, de ahora en adelante, un índice contra el cual medir el crecimiento de sus negocios y comparar su desempeño con el de otras compañías de reciente creación alrededor del mundo.

El anuncio sobre el Puerto Rico Startup Index lo hizo ayer Grupo Guayacán, una entidad sin fines de lucro cuya misión es fomentar en Puerto Rico emprendedores locales con una visión global, y quien será la principal auspiciadora de este índice en el País.

Francisco Uriarte, presidente de la junta de directores de Grupo Guayacán, indicó que la Isla es el primer lugar en Latinoamérica en lanzar este índice. San Francisco en California, África del Sur y Londres lo lanzaron recientemente.

Explicó que este índice permitirá, entre otras cosas, conectar a los participantes de distintas partes del mundo entre sí. “Es como un facebook de empresarios”, dijo el presidente de la junta de Guayacán.

Además, con esta medición las empresas locales podrán exponerse al mercado global, no sólo para conseguir clientes y socios, sino también inversionistas.

La plataforma de este índice la desarrolló YouNoodle, una empresa fundada en el 2007 con sede en San Francisco, California. Dicha plataforma funciona a través de un complejo algoritmo que identifica variables y patrones relacionados al crecimiento de empresas incipientes y los resume en una gráfica que se actualiza diariamente.

A nivel mundial, el índice cuenta con más de 40,000 empresas de todas partes del mundo y ya forma parte del contenido recurrente de reconocidas publicaciones, tales como Wired Magazine, The Telegraph en Reino Unido, VentureBeat y The San Francisco Chronicle.

Entre las empresas globales que forman parten del índice figuran: Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Hulu y LinkedIn.

En Puerto Rico, el índice contará con el apoyo económico de la Compañía de Fomento Industrial (Pridco por sus siglas en inglés), la que aportó $500,000 al proyecto.

En este País, según Uriarte, existen muchas empresas incipientes que tienen el potencial de impactar positivamente la economía, pero a veces se quedan en el anonimato hasta que obtienen un crecimiento significativo.

“Es en su fase incipiente cuando más reconocimiento y apoyo del ecosistema necesitan; y nuestro índice, no sólo las identificará sino que las estimulará a expandir sus mercados y a desarrollar una visión global, al poder compartir una misma métrica con otras empresas de alto crecimiento en otras regiones del mundo”, agregó.

Invitación a apoyar lo local

Asimismo, aprovechó la ocasión para pedirle al sector privado y al gobierno que apoyen a las empresas locales innovadoras “porque se habla mucho de la innovación, pero preferimos contratar a compañías de afuera”, manifestó el presidente de la junta, lo que provocó aplausos de empresarios presentes en la conferencia de prensa.

Por su parte, Javier Vázquez, director de Pridco, manifestó que Puerto Rico “necesita reenfocar su ruta de desarrollo económico”, no sólo atrayendo a empresas del exterior, sino estimulando a “una nueva generación de empresas locales de alto impacto, que sirvan de modelo a otros empresarios y que sigan multiplicándose”.

Para lanzar el Puerto Rico Startup Index aquí, Guayacán escogió inicialmente varias empresas locales que se perfilan con un futuro prometedor y sometió los datos de dichos negocios al proceso de medición. De ese grupo, seleccionó a las 10 con la puntuación más alta.

Entendiendo el índice

El índice tiene una puntuación que va desde cero a 100 puntos. Mientras más cerca esté de 100, significa que la empresa está más sólida y lista para irse pública, y que pronto dejará de ser una compañía incipiente.

Eva Vázquez, directora del proyecto, explicó que los criterios que se utilizarán en Puerto Rico para determinar si una empresa es candidata a entrar en el índice son: que tenga menos de cinco años de establecida en el mercado, que emplee a 50 personas o menos y que genere ventas que no excedan los $5 millones anuales.

Otros criterios que se considerarán es si la compañía tiene una página activa en internet, si vende un producto o servicio, cuánta publicidad ha generado en los medios y en las redes sociales, y el capital que ha levantado proveniente de terceros. “Cuando consigues inversión de terceros es que estás en otra etapa y hay gente interesada en tu concepto”, indicó la directora del proyecto.


A partir de enero próximo, Grupo Guayacán colocará en su página interactiva la solicitud para las empresas interesadas en ingresar en el índice. Cualquier empresa incipiente podrá entrar su datos y medirse contra otras compañías. La meta de Guayacán es expandir la lista actual para incluir a entre 20 y 25 empresas.

Tal y como sucede con otros índices, entre ellos el popular Standard & Poors y el Dow Jones, el Puerto Rico Startup Index se actualizará todos los días automáticamente. Los empresarios podrán monitorear la información a través del portal de Guayacán (


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EyeTour Invited to Present at 2009 PR Venture Forum

Posted on 04 July 2009 by EyeFred

UPDATE: Here is a video of our presentation, taken by audience member (and friend of the company) Héctor Ramos.  It’s a bit far back but you can hear us and the audience reaction. Hope you enjoy!

The 10th annual Puerto Rico Venture Forum, titled Raising Capital: A strategic endeavor for investors and entrepreneurs alike”, promises to cap a year of growth and learning for the companies involved in Grupo Guayacan’s non-stop efforts to reach out to, support, and celebrate local entrepreneurship.  The event will take place on Tuesday, December 8 at the Conrad Condado Plaza in San Juan from 8am to 2:30pm.  You can register for the PRVF here.

EyeTour is proud to be amongst the three local startup companies invited to give a 10 minute presentation at the event.  We will be talking about the company’s trajectory since winning the 2007 EnterPRize competition and its future plans involving high-end mobile technologies.  We hope you can join us there!

The 2009 PRVF will feature a panel discussion on angel investors, as well as guest speakers Mr. Blake Modersitzki of UV Partners, Mr. Brian Halligan of HubSpot, and Mr. Joshua Baer, Managing Director at Capital Factory.  For more information visit

About the PRVF (from Grupo Guayacán’s website):

The mission of the Puerto Rico Venture Forum is to foster the convergence of entrepreneurship and private equity investing by showcasing and celebrating the efforts and accomplishments of our aspiring and already successful entrepreneurs.

The annual conference is the “Culminating Event” of Grupo Guayacán’s year round effort to foster, promote and develop a market for Private Equity in Puerto Rico together with a rapidly growing community of global entrepreneurs. It also provides the Business Plan Competition finalists the opportunity to present their business plans, providing the venture support community a chance to witness and embrace the naissance of these local new ventures.

The Conference has become an important business scenario where nationally and internationally successful and recognized entrepreneurs have presented their stories. Our Keynote Speakers are prominent members of the Entrepreneurial and Private Equity community sharing their insights and perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of building a vibrant entrepreneurial and professional private equity marketplace.

Participants discuss the key issues and challenges entrepreneurs and private equity investors are facing and use the events to create lasting relationships in our ecosystem. In addition, a series of breakout panels and seminars are organized to provide them with the opportunity to focus on specialized issues of interest to them.

Conference attendees will be able to witness the next generation of entrepreneurial talent in Puerto Rico as well as to network with key constituency of the venture support community.


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EyeTour Ready for Official iPhone Debut in Puerto Rico!

Posted on 10 October 2008 by EyeFred

The iPhone finally arrives at our shores on October 17th, 2008 – a week from today! Puerto Ricans have been anxious to get their hands on the highly coveted phone for more than a year now, and EyeTour will be one of the firsts in line to get a couple of Apple’s iPhones.

EyeTour’s Company Vision states our commitment to technological innovation within the Tourism Industry. The company was founded on the promise of developing easy-to-use tools that anticipate the needs of our visitors, tourists, and fellow Puerto Ricans – and in keeping with that promise, we are proud to announce the release of EyeTour’s first Web Application developed specifically for the iPhone.

What is EyeTour’s Web Application for iPhone?

EyeTour has developed a mobile version of its Old San Juan Video Guide – including 40 of the historic city’s attractions – specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch. By visiting from your iPhone or iPod touch, users will be able to view the entire Old San Juan EyeTour on their phones without having to register or download anything. Videos can be viewed by using the interactive OLD SAN JUAN MAP – just tap the screen on your desired destination! You can also move the map around with a quick flick of your finger or pinch the screen to zoom in and out. Videos are also easily accessed from the AVAILABLE VIDEOS list option on the application’s home menu.


As a bonus gift to our visitors and as a way of celebrating Puerto Rico’s Official Oct.17 iPhone Launch, EyeTour has designed 16 Free iPhone Wallpapers for users to download directly to their iPhones and decorate their equipment with some of the island’s most amazing sights! Visit from your iPhone or iPod touch and select FREE IPHONE WALLPAPERS from the menu, then choose your desired wallpaper and touch down on the image for 2-3 seconds to save it to your phone. You can change your iPhone’s wallpaper from the Settings icon on your iPhone’s main menu (then touch ‘General’ and finally ‘Wallpaper’).


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EyeTour won the 2007 EnterPRize Business Plan Competition. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!

Posted on 21 July 2008 by EyeFred

We want to urge our fellow entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico to get their thinking caps on and participate in this year’s EnterPRize Business Plan Competition. Ideas are had all the time by all kinds of people and many of them are good – even great! However, most of them are not written down, carefully thought out, researched or organized. EnterPRize provides the perfect opportunity for you to develop your idea and with the help of some of Puerto Rico’s brightest business minds, turn it into a working business plan for your company or startup. Best part is you can win money to help you along with your enterprise as well as some significant in-kind prizes such as office space, television advertising, billboard advertising, and more!

I’ve posted below some info about the competition so you can get on it pronto!



EnterPRize 2008 Business Plan Competition

The Business Plan Competition stage starts on August 4th, 2008.

The Business Plan Competition stage requires submitting an Executive Summary which includes seven (7) elements. These elements require in-depth analysis and planning:

1. The Company and Product/Service proposed
2. Industry, Target Market and Customers
3. Competitive Landscape and Positioning
4. Execution
5. Team
6. Risk Analysis
7. Financial Model and Financing Requirements

Due Date: SEPTEMBER 29TH, 2008

What’s in it for you?

1. $50k in Cash Prizes: $25,000 1st Place / $15,000 2nd Place / $10,000 3rd Place
2. In-kind Prizes: Attorney Services, Accounting Services, Office Space & Advertising
3. Networking Opportunities with investors, business community & potential customers
4. World Class resources to help you to develop your business plan
5. Mentorship Program that gives you access to real & successful entrepreneurs

Want to be part of the EnterPRize 2008 Business Idea Competition?


EnterPRize Group in Facebook



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