Cabo Rojo, PR – Cofresí’s Town

While many tourists come to Puerto Rico for beachside R&R, there are those who will linger for off-the-beaten-path, wonderful sights such as Los Morrillos Lighthouse in Cabo Rojo. The lighthouse is a Spanish-built structure that sits atop beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea.

That’s not to say you won’t find wondrous beaches in this coastal town… just check out the gorgeous Bay of Boquerón! Its white sands make it a favorite for locals and tourists alike. This is also one of the debated possible landing locations for Christopher Columbus’s first sighting -or, “discovery,” as far as they were concerned- of the island.

Puerto Rico’s longest beach can be found in Cabo Rojo. An old story claims that this beach, El Combate (“the battle”), was the site of a failed invasion from northern civilians whom the locals fended off with axes. That is how caborrojenses got their nickname of “mata con hachas,” or “those who kill with axes.” El Combate is now host to many boisterous gatherings of the social kind. Cabo Rojo is also ideal for a culinary retreat, especially for seafood enthusiasts. Freshly caught fish and mariscos (shellfish) are the order of the day –everyday— in the many restaurants of the town of Joyudas.

How many countries can you name that celebrate their pirates? Among Boquerón’s many treasures you will find a beach, a cave, and a monument all named in honor of one of the town’s (and the island’s) most illustrious’ figures: the pirate Roberto Cofresí. A rebel fighting against Spanish rule, Cofresí became a threat to sea merchants during his seven-year run in the early 19th century. He was and is to this day regarded as a hero.

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