Adjuntas, PR – City of the Sleeping Giant


Adjuntas, a municipality located in Puerto Rico’s Central Mountain Range, has become much more accessible from the major metropolitan areas of San Juan (to the North) and Ponce (to the South) thanks to the recently-completed Route 10. This destination can also be reached by the scenic Ruta Panorámica that bisects the island from East to West.

While Adjuntas is known as the “City of the Sleeping Giant” (a group of mountains are said to be shaped as such), the town’s rich culture is still very much alive. Furthermore, the area’s serene beauty continues to draw in visitors from all over. Besides its resting “giant” Adjuntas also features Pico de Guilarte, the island’s seventh largest mountain. Hikers can gain access through the Bosque Estatal de Guilarte, the 3,604 acres of which are spread out among several of the neighboring municipalities. This state reserve has facilities for visitors who want to picnic or stroll underneath the shade of eucalyptus trees. The landscape of Adjuntas is also spotted with waterfalls like Charco Mangó and Cascada Las Garzas.

The fields in Adjuntas constitute the largest site of Puerto Rican coffee production. Coffee beans cultivated in Puerto Rico tend to be considered of premium, or gourmet, quality. This is due in large part to the island’s ideal climate for this crop (as well as other staples such as plantains).

A few decades ago a group of adjunteños banded together to derail plans for mining operations that would threaten one of their forests. This group housed their operations in the historical Casa Pueblo. The site now houses a museum, a mariposario (butterfly pavilion), a library, and a gift shop with artesanías, among other attractions. The group even created and ran what was Puerto Rico’s first community-owned radio station, Radio Casa Pueblo, which they describe as “the voice of the waters, the mountains, and the people.”

For visitors interested in relishing the cool and dry weather of Adjuntas for more than a day, there are a handful of accommodations in Adjuntas, including paradors (family-owned inns) like Villa Sotomayor and the Hotel Monte Río. Enjoy the restorative, lazy life in this small town… where its unlikely you’ll have any trouble catching some Zs like the legendary giant.

Adjuntas Map

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