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EyeTour Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-06-29

Posted on 29 July 2009 by EyeFred

  • Ready for La Noche de San Juan? Head over to: #
  • Puerto Rico’s Wilo Benet on Top Chef Masters tonite (Bravo TV, 10pm local time) – watch it from his new restaurant, Varita in Condado Plaza! #
  • Giving: Incomparable Beauty / Belleza sin comparacion – This place is awesome. I am born and raised on the islan… #
  • @coqui2008 very much so! cant make out the horizon at ocean park… in reply to coqui2008 #
  • RT @Boriken: Last Day!!! Our giveaway ends today! Are you in? If not, go here! #
  • New7Wonders: Get the New7Wonders iPhone App now! (It’s free, haven’t downloaded yet, let me know if its cool!) #
  • @jeremyspouken Ahhh, well… at least it was free… Thanks for letting me know (I wonder why its bigger than 10MB…?)! in reply to jeremyspouken #
  • Alguien en el Festival de las Flores en Aibonito? Cómo está eso por allí? Fotos? #
  • El Yunque is currently fourth in the campaign for the New7 Wonders of Nature – but we are aiming for the top spot, so vote! #
  • Next Saturday July 4th – Festival de la Hamaca in San Sebastián #
  • @franklogic This if you like fútbol. Also check concert schedule here: (Ruben Blades!) in reply to franklogic #
  • @franklogic Information for smaller events will be easier to find nearer to the date. So check during July. in reply to franklogic #
  • Nuestros amigos de Rent The Bicyle en San Juan (El Nuevo Día) #
  • RT @FunnyJoker: $10 says we never see La Toya again. #

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