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Posted on 24 July 2009 by EyeFred


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Thursday, February 26

(from 7:00 pm)

Main Stage / Tarima Claridad

Héctor Giovanni y su Orquesta
Caribe Gitano
Andrés Jiménez
El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Second Stage / Tarima Estrella (starts at 4pm)

7:00 pm to 9:30 pm – Live Transmission Fuego cruzado
Sal de tu duda with Luz Nereida Pérez (Mariana Editores)
Book Reading and Signing: Sexo y cura/Carnada de cangrejo by Rafah Acevedo (Editorial Isla Negra)
Performance: El dragón de la playa by Héctor Iván Monclova (Isla Negra)
Book Reading: Breve estadía en el cuerpo by Iván Figueroa Luciano (Isla Negra)
Presentation and Signing: Ensayos para la terraza by Daniel Nina (Isla Negra).
9:30 pm – Rap (Absoluto independiente, Desde el campo , and others)
10:00 pm – Sábana Negra


Friday, February 27

(from 6:00 pm)

Main Stage / Tarima Claridad

Antonio Cabán Vale, El Topo
Andy Montañez y su Orquesta
Plena Libre
Roy Brown
Sammy García y El Sabor de Puerto Rico

Second Stage / Tarima Estrella (starts at 4pm)

4:45 pm – Live Transmission Fuego cruzado
7:00 pm – Kids Happy hour by Tres Monjitas & visit by the Capitán, the Coop. Zeno Gandía mascot
7:30 pm – Child violinists, Conservatorio de Música de P.R.’s Suzuki Program
8:00 pmOjo: fábulas cautivas (fragment), Teatro Rodante de la UPR (Rosa Luisa Márquez)
8:30 pm – Salsa Dance lesson with José Iván Carrasquillo
9:30 pm - Guanajibo (Reggae)


Saturday, February 28

(from 2:00 pm)

Main Stage / Tarima Claridad

Child Trovadores Presentation
Peton Place Blues Criollo with Silverio, Sunshine, and Edwin Colón Zayas
Trovadores Meet-Up
El Espectáculo de Chabela
Orquesta La Exclusiva
Haciendo Punto en Otro Son
Así Somos
Orquesta La Experimental
Fiel a la Vega (Rock)

Second Stage / Tarima Estrella

6:00 pmBombaeróbicos (Bomba-aerobics) with Elia Cortés and Taller Tamboricua
7:30 pm – Stage play: ¡Qué tostón! - Jóvenes del 98′
8:00 pm – Alí Tapia, Ivania Zayas y el rumbero Vainilla
9:00 pm – Noche de musarañas


Sunday, March 1

(from 1:00 pm)

Main Stage / Tarima Claridad

Plenazo Claridad
Tata Cepeda y Gracimá
Julito Alvarado y del Sur al Norte

Second Stage / Tarima Estrella

12:00 pm – Masks Workshop with Lowell Fiet
2:00 pmPau, el defensor de la paz – Jóvenes del 98′
2:30 pm – Book Reading with author Tina Casanova
3:00 pmLudmilia – Deborah Hunt
3:30 pmEl girasol – Agua, sol y sereno
4:00 pm – Bomba Workshop with Tata Cepeda and the School of Bomba & Plena
5:00 pmHistoria de arroz con habichuelas – Andanza 
6:00 pm¡Che! Kes-ke Ce? (humorous) – Compañía M + M
6:30 pm – Grupo Trabuco y Dulce de coco


6 Comments For This Post

  1. Ronni Mendes Says:

    Oh I’m so sorry I’ll have to miss this festival as I live in Antigua and did not have enough notice to make the necessary arrangements. Will this event be broadcast on the internet?

  2. alfredo Says:

    EyeTour won’t be broadcasting from the event but we will bring you an updated post with results, photos, and possibly some video footage as well. We are beginning to cover events for the EyeTour.com blog and as we make progress and add more posts, we’ll try to write about up-coming events well in advance. Please check out http://www.claridadpuertorico.com/ and http://festivaldeclaridad.com/ for more information about this event – those sites might be able to point you in the direction of a broadcast.

    Thanks for writing!

  3. Ana Says:

    Please let me know of any upcoming festivals on the week of June 19th thru June 26,2009. Thank you .

  4. EyeFred Says:

    There are currently no festivals scheduled for that range of dates on our calendar. Please check our Upcoming Events list often as it is updated weekly. Events that are already scheduled include games for the Puerto Rico Islanders soccer team and an Exodus concert – you can buy tickets for both at http://www.ticketpop.com. Thanks for visiting and writing us!

  5. carmencita Says:

    OMG!!! what a great page!!!so much info… Lived in PR most of my life and I have so many places to visit that I havent seen yet. My sister is coming from Fl. and want to show her around. Any festivals for Juy 11 and next 2 weeks? Thanks

  6. EyeFred Says:

    Thank you for your kind words and we wish your sister a nice trip to Puerto Rico. Although event info is usually spotty and hard to come by, you should take a look at the event calendar on our blog and also try http://www.GoToPuertoRico.com (Puerto Rico Tourism Company official website). For another good blog that features event information visit our friends over at http://www.visit-the-coqui.com. If you like that website too, tell them we sent you!

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