EyeTour.com Wins Big @ SME WebAD Awards!

Posted on 15 July 2009 by EyeFred

EyeTour.com won the award for Best Website at this year’s WebAD Awards hosted by SME (Asociación de Ejecutivos de Ventas y Mercadeo en Puerto Rico) at the Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The ceremony took place at the association’s yearly Puerto Rico Internet Forum, where the island’s top marketing and sales executives gathered for presentations on the medium’s ‘Social & Search Revolutions’.

Justin Levy, General Maneger at New Marketing Labs, centered his presentation on ‘Social Media Marketing’ – giving an overview on the benefits of exploiting social media as marketing tools and spending time discussing media darling services like Facebook and Twitter.  David Hughes, CEO at The Search Agency, and David Rahmel, Chief Research Officer and Executive Vice President at SEO, discussed the importance of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing as tactics to help grow a business by increasing brand visibility and traffics.

Facing some tough competition by some of Puerto Rico’s most visible brands and skilled media agencies, EyeTour.com won the Best Website category against Toyota’s ‘La Increible Máquina de Ahorra Gasolina‘, developed by Nobox Marketing Group, and the ‘Postcards from the Stars‘ website, developed by a group of local noted entrepreneurs (including Pedro Juan Hernández of Futuroe.com and Mr. Rafo Muñiz) in partnership with The Ricky Martin Foundation.  Other winners at the event included JWT for Best Internet Integration (Phone Star – Centennial) and Creative Media Communications for their work in the Rogelio 2008 political campaign.

Why EyeTour.com?

EyeTour has evolved from the initial vision shared by three young entrepreneurs who found inspiration several years ago in Apple’s release of the first video iPod, into a full-fledged production company in charge of Puerto Rico’s Premier Online Video Guide, on the constant lookout for new technologies and Internet innovations with which to promote our precious Isla del Encanto.

EyeTour.com has become a feature-rich website experience unlike any other in the Caribbean that allows visitors to explore the island’s best attractions – historical sites, beaches, nature reserves, museums, restaurants, and more – through high-quality videos, detailed travel articles, and thousands of photographs. Visitors can download EyeTour videos into their iPod, iPhone, or other personal video player and fulfill the promise of our company’s slogan: BE YOUR OWN GUIDE!

We have created EyeTour.com and much more – our blog covers major events and expands on our video content, we’ve established direct communication with our users via new Internet technologies such as Facebook and Twitter, and we’ve expanded our reach through modern distribution methods such as iTunes, YouTube, and RSS feeds.  EyeTour was also iPhone-ready well before the celebrated phone was made available in Puerto Rico.  The company has poured its heart into showing off what Puerto Rico is and what Puerto Ricans can do – and we hope it shows!

Any award accepted by EyeTour.com is a recognition given to the independent spirit, to entrepreneurial drive in times of economic hardship, to the Davids of the world up against powerful but never almighty Goliaths, and to those that dare dream big and wake up – pen in hand – ready to commit those ideas to paper and share them with the rest of the world. We’ve only just begun.

The EyeTour Team accepts the award for Best Website.

The EyeTour Team accepts the award for Best Website.

Congratulations to the whole EyeTour production and web development team:

José Martí, Juan Agustín Márquez, Alfredo Richner, Pablo López, Adrián Richner, Gabriel Sánchez, Andrés Richner, Sherman Wildman, Danette Hudoba, Jacob Serlen, Gerardo Rodriguez

Thank you for all the hard work, odd hours, rush jobs, labours of love, bickering, hugs, and most of all, your passion!  We also wish to thank all of our friends and supporters (you know who you are).  This project would not exist without each of your contributions.


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