Top Pizza Places in Puerto Rico

Posted on 03 July 2009 by GSV

Revised: October 15, 2010

Pizza is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Puerto Rico.  Mamposteao, tostones, alcapurrias in Piñones, or lechón asado in Guavate are dishes Puerto Rican cuisine is mostly known for.  Yet there’s something universal about pizza; its undeniable appeal makes it a favorite dining alternative no matter where you are.  With that in mind, here are some of our favorite places in the metropolitan area to get a slice or a pie.

Unique Pies

Das Pastelhaus
2482 Loiza Street, Punta las Marias
San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00917
Phone:  787-728-7106

A blend of culinary influences – German, Puerto Rican, and Venezuelan – Das Pastelhaus offers a truly unique pie for the adventurous pizza-lover. Try their fantastic white sauce pies – your favorite toppings sauteed in a creme-based sauce that is rich and buttery and hidden under fresh mozzarella cheese. Perhaps most pizza places are not known for their desserts but Das Pastelhaus doubles as a bakery, so be sure to try out some of their butter cookies and delicate pastries after you are done eating your slices.

Bistro Pizza
2424 Loiza Street, Punta las Marias
San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00917
Phone:  787-982-2000

A wood-burning, brick oven isn’t the only thing that makes this Isla Verde eatery stand out; the variety of non-traditional toppings will have you scratching your head.  But bravery never goes out of fashion and, if you dare, you will find a whole new world of flavors (who knew nuts would taste good on a pizza?)  Even if you’re not feeling adventurous, you can still try a traditional pie and be blown away; Bistro Pizza is second to none.

La Cueva del Chicken Inn
507 Ave Ponce de Leon, San Juan, PR 00919
Phone: 787-753-1306

Let me state right off the bat that this is my favorite pizza in Puerto Rico.  It could be the fact that I’ve been going there since I was a kid.  Or it could just be the crunchy, chewy crust, the tangy sauce and the toasted cheese that make it an utter delight.  Feel free to add any topping you like, but you won’t get the same taste of perfection as a plain cheese pizza.  It doesn’t hurt that the place also makes great chicharrones de pollo (unbreaded pieces of fried chicken).

Family Friendly Fare

Faccio Pizza Isla Verde @ Howard Johnson

Faccio Pizza Isla Verde @ Howard Johnson

Magno’s Pizza Palace
26 Ave Domenech, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Phone: 787-764-3756

Situated in the heart of San Juan’s Hato Rey neighborhood on Domenech Avenue, Magno’s offers a spacious and amiable setting for any occasion – from a business lunch to a gathering of friends and family – at very reasonable prices.  The pizza might not be groundbreaking but it’s definitely worth the visit.

Faccio Pizza
Lobby Hotel Howard Johnson, Ave. Isla Verde, Carolina, PR
Ask for other locations
Phone: 787-268-7755

What started out as a single restaurant in the community of Cupey in the municipality of San Juan has branched out into seven franchises peppered throughout the greater metropolitan area.  Faccio’s does pizza well: a chewy, thin crust, savory sauce and a variety of fresh toppings (my personal favorite: chorizo).  Along with the pasta menu, their wide selection of beers and the easy-going ambiance make Faccio’s one of the island’s favorite dining spots.

The South American Flavor Tour

Pizzaiolo's savory Brazilian-style pies

Pizzaiolo's savory Brazilian-style pies

47 Ave. Isla Verde
Carolina, Puerto Rico, 00984
Phone: 787-268-0622

One of several pizzerias lining the Avenida Isla Verde, Pizzaiolo offers authentic Brazilian flare, not only with the food, but with the atmosphere created by the music and decor.  The pies are covered with cheese, a small amount of sauce, and any fresh vegetables or meats that you can think of (sausage or chicken work very well but there is a wide array to choose from).  Do have a Caipirinha if you are there, it would be almost a crime if you didn’t.

Ferrari Gourmet
51 Ave. Isla Verde, Isla Verde, Carolina, PR 00979
Phone: 787-982-3115

A few yards away from Pizzaiolo we find another South American flavor, Ferrari Gourmet‘s Argentinian cuisine.  Over forty different varieties of bold flavors and very hearty toppings  characterize the restaurant’s pizza menu.  A must for visitors staying along Carolina‘s Isla Verde Hotel Strip.

Juan Pan Pizza
Ave. Piñeiro 1117, San Juan 00920, Puerto Rico
Phone: 787-792-6735

Another Argentinian pizzeria, this one on Piñeiro Avenue in San Juan.  The ingredients go all the way to the edge of the pizza making the small crust it has super crunchy and the cheese around it deliciously golden.  Very hearty, extremely satisfying and a quaint setting to boot.  You can’t miss the building either – a giant mural in honor of “The King of Tango” adorns one of its sides.

When In Condado…

Danny’s International
1351 Ashford Ave., Condado, San Juan, PR
Phone: 787-724-0501 / 787-721-4231

Usually packed, and for good reason, I would venture to say that Danny’s is my second favorite pizza on the list.  The soft, chewy dough and the unbelievable variety of specialty pizzas make each bite a pleasure unto itself.  They haven’t reinvented the wheel, they just make some darn fine pizza.  If you are feeling bold try the Puerto Rican specialty pizza with ground beef and ripe plantains (amarillos).

Via Appia
1350 Ashford Ave., San Juan, Puerto Rico
Phone: 725-8711

Featuring sidewalk tables for a better view of Avenida Ashford, Via Appia’s offering of Italian food and spectacular pizza make it one of the area’s most popular restaurants.  There’s also inside seating for those not interested in people-watching (but still interested in pizza-eating).

The Night Cap (by the slice)

Pizza City's sign (hard to miss, even at night)

Pizza City's sign (hard to miss, even at night)

Mike ‘s Pizzeria
1024 Ave. Ashford, Condado, San Juan, PR
Phone: 787-722-2480 / 787-722-2484 / Fax: 787-723-0118

Another pizzeria in Condado (formerly known as Mike & Charlie’s – adios Charlie!), and open till late so you can get a slice (or two) before heading off to who-knows-where.  Small space but very friendly staff and pizza slices overflowing with toppings (they certainly don’t skimp on those).

Pizza City
5950 Ave Isla Verde
Phone: 787-726-0356

Let’s be honest, at 3 o’clock in the morning you’re not looking for anything complicated, you’ll settle for a nice cheese pizza straight out of the oven.  Just another reason to love Pizza City.  You could go there at anytime – the pizza is excellent – but it becomes magical when you’re desperate for something to eat and you see that great, big, kitschy sign welcoming you, and others, to sit down, relax, and enjoy

Hope you enjoy the list (and the pizza).  Found a new pizza place worthy of our list? Let us know by replying below and we’ll set our pizza-tasting experts loose!


29 Comments For This Post

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  3. Javier Velez Says:

    Ferrari Gourmet is great. Brick Oven :)

  4. Pete Says:

    This list is good, but it’s too Metro Area centric. What about all the great pizza places throughout the island? Like the awesome pizza served by San Marino’s Pizza at Hormigueros.

    Also, if you are in the Cupey area, try Il Tomate at Parana St. It’s a really small place that serves Argentinian style pizzas. Try the chorizo calzone. It’s the closest thing I’ve found in the island to Buenos Aires’ pizza, which, in my opinion (and I’ve been to Italy and all over the US) is the best pizza in the world.

    Cheers and keep up the great work!

  5. Maria Says:

    Bistro is always the best, great people, fantastic pizza. Pizza lovers know that for a good pizza, it’s all in the crust

  6. Isabel Batteria Says:

    Faccio is an excellent choice for families because it’s pretty affordable. Their pasta is great too.

    Mike & Charlies has been a favorite at home since they first opened. Their quality has been consistent, and their chefs too. They also offer delivery. Even though they raise their prices from time to time, they are still an affordable alternative. They also have whole-wheat dough.

    There is a good place in Loíza Street, in front of Pedro G. Goyco School called Casa Vittorio that offers a mix of Puerto Rican and Italian food. You may enjoy a whole broiled chicken, a churrasco with mofongo, a rich and creamy fettuccine alfredo, or a crispy, thin-crust pizza. Now, the pizza is done in front of you and cooked in a brick oven. It may have virtually any topping you can imagine and the ingredients have quality taste. They also deliver.

  7. Luis Says:

    Nothing in the world compares to Mario’s Pizza Palace, located in Caguas. They serve these over-sized Calzone’s that can barely fit the plate.

  8. EyeFred Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation! We’ll be checking it out for our second look at Top Pizza Places in Puerto Rico that will list places around the entire island. Know any other good ones we should check out on that trip?

  9. Ali~Marie Says:

    Luis is right, the best pizza is certainly in Caguas; Mario’s Pizza Palace. If you do ever go to Caguas, you’ve got to go there.

  10. Manuel Plaud Says:

    Muy bueno se come todo muy linpio y la coida muy rica

  11. loulou Says:

    I am from Caguas and a pizza freak the first taste of pizza that touched my mouth was from marios then i lived in new york where arguably the best pizza is from and I can tell you that marios is amongs them it is faboulous!!!

  12. Cagueño Says:

    The best and original Mario’s Pizza in Caguas is the one in Gautier Benitez St., inside Caguas Shopping Center. Mario’s sold franchises that are all over the city but each owner do the pizza in their own particular way (and are not the same as the original). The best is the one I just said.

  13. Minerva Says:

    I must agree with the best pizza in Puerto Rico is Mario’s Pizza in Caguas. I am 50 years old right now but the first time I went to Mario’s I must have been about 9 years old. That pizza is awesome. I am from NY and used to eating great pizza.

  14. Borincano Says:

    Definitivamente La Cueva del Chicken Inn es el lugar donde mejor preparan la pizza. Debe ser por sus más de 60 años de práctica.

  15. Sujeil Says:

    Pizza fans, Mario’s Pizza is by far the best pizza in Caguas. The ingridients are always fresh, the service is excellent! Currently they have 7 stores in Caguas an they recently open their 8 store in Gurabo. Nadie Pizza Nuestra Pizza.

  16. alfonso Says:

    Yo he comido en todas las pizzerias mencionadas en el articulo y la mejor pizza de Puerto Rico es Marios Pizza en San Juan, de un señor que lleva 50 años haciendo la pizza, es una guaguita y la masa y la saslsa es excelente y yo he viajado a orlando, chicago y NY a comer pizza y esa guaguita es mejor que las de Puerto Rico. El Chicken in n es bueno y Juan Pan Pizza y Tonys Pizza en Arecibo, pero marios pizza de san juan al frente del mall de san francisco la recomiendo con los ojos cerrados

  17. Roberto Says:

    Don’t forget Das Pastel Haus restaurant in Isla Verde. It’s a German, Puerto Rican, and Venezuelan mixture of flavors. They have great pizzas too and they not only have them with the usual red, tomato sauce but also with a very interesting white sauce.

  18. EyeFred Says:

    Definitely! Das Pastel Haus is a great option we discovered not long ago. The pizza is a bit on the pricey side (for pizza) although as a whole the place won’t break your bank. I especially enjoyed the white sauce with bacon topping (although it’s actually hidden underneath the cheese). Thanks for your suggestion!

  19. JOSE LOPEZ Says:

    Go and eat at harle’ys pizza, is a New York still pizza is located at number # 2 road from Bayamon to Toa Baja, Greet place exelent Pizza………. Also have a great menu… exelent…

  20. Edgardo Says:

    Mario’s Pizza in Caguas at Gautier Benitez street in the little shopping mall is the best pizza in PR.

  21. Sarah Says:

    Pizzeria y Trattoria Puttanesca en la Fernandez Juncos casi esquina Roberto H. Todd es EXCELENTE! Tienen especiales de almuerzo y todo es delicioso :) Muy buen articulo y pienso ir a varias pizzerias mencionadas, en especial la de Mario’s Pizza Palace que, a juzgar por los comentarios, parece que es una maravilla :)

  22. Talia Says:

    alguien sabe de una pizzeria en un sotano cerca del Hospital Pavia que se llamama Eusebios. todavia esta? espero que si pues sueno con comerla de nuevo despues de 20 a^nos.

  23. Jesus Says:

    Cheeseleader Pizza en Caguas frente al hospital HIMA tiene la mejor pizza para mi gusto, ademas tiene la pizza en forma de cono q sabe super rica.

  24. Pizza girl Says:

    I agree with Jesus, Cheeseleader Pizza has the best pizza in the area. It’s cone pizza is SUPER!!! So, if you are in the area, go by the pizzeria. It’s a block away the HIMA Hospital.

  25. Efrain Says:

    If you are in the San Juan area you must try this two pizzerias. First Puttanesca Italian Trattoria, at Fernandez Juncos Ave. Parada 18 at Santurce. Brick oven, excelent pizza. Small cozzy place with excelent service. Also Antonella’s right in front of Plaza de Armas at Old San Juan. Right from New York this Pizza will blow your mind.

  26. Ramon Says:

    Antonella’s frente a la Plaza de Armas en el Viejo San Juan.

  27. Cotización oro Says:

    Gran post. De verdad has incluido sugerencias muy útiles aqui. Un saludo.

  28. Juan Carlos Says:

    Abrieron una pizzeria artesanal con una calidad extrema y super buenos precios en la Ave americo miranda, se llama Peace n Loaf y aunque todas las pizzas son vegetarianas son las mejores que me he comido, La pizza papa caliente, no tiene salsa, papas en finas rodajas con queso, cebollas salteadas y setas salteadas con un toque de pesto. Esta brutal.

  29. WFOPizzero Says:

    Que malo que no tengo una pizzeria para que mas puedan probar pero la mejor que he probado es la mia hecha en horno de leña en el patio de mi casa en Arecibo. Pero de todas maneras, tremendo articulo y tendre que ir a Caguas a probar la de Mario. Pizza rules!!!

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