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Get Your Ex Back

Posted on 28 April 2009 by EyeFred

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Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Oh, it’s a kite!

Posted on 28 April 2009 by GSV

As spring turns into summer, and the skies begin to clear up, the time-honored tradition of kite flying returns to occupy open spaces all around Puerto Rico. The most popular spot on the island for this type of activity is the wide, open field of El Morro. The area around the historical landmark contains all the necessary conditions for successful kite flying in a picturesque setting: the sprawling green lawn, the unobstructed airspace (no power lines or aircraft), and the constant, unrelenting trade winds. With these characteristics, it’s no wonder why kite flying in El Morro is something every Puerto Rican family tries at least once. Picnics are commonplace with parents and children participating in the event; the terrain strewed with blankets, chairs and coolers, the sky dotted with simple or fantastical chiringas – as the flying objects are locally known. Kite flying is such a beloved leisure activity that the National Park Service has an annual Kite Festival celebrating the tradition, as well as raising awareness about the environmental repercussions we can avoid by being mindful of our surroundings. In fact, kite safety and etiquette are things you should familiarize yourself with before setting out. With the knowledge at hand, you’ll be able to better enjoy the experience.

And what else do you need to enjoy the experience? A kite, of course! Kites are fairly simple to make right at home, so you can certainly turn your weekend into a full-fledged experience by making your own kite and proudly displaying your unique creation up in the sky. You can also bring your own store-bought flying sensation or buy one from the numerous street vendors (or the local pharmacy or toy store) lining the streets around El Morro and the Plaza del Quinto Centenario. Gayla is one of the most trusted brands for cheap yet incredibly sturdy and easy to assemble kites – and their classic designs like the ‘Baby Bat’ look great when displayed up above. Readily available in Old San Juan for less than five dollars, there is a lot of fun to be had on the cheap! Kite-flying season runs ostensibly from

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mid-spring to late summer and isn’t just focused on El Morro. Several other municipalities, like Fajardo and Lajas, celebrate the season with festivals of their own.water slide hire sydney


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Walking Tour: Old San Juan Part 2/4

Posted on 22 April 2009 by GSV

For Part 1 of the Old San Juan Walking Tour, click here. We’ve already seen Old San Juan’s southwestern quarter and it’s host of plazas and monuments. As we travel towards the city’s northern coast we will find all sorts of specialized museums, historical buildings, streets lined with bars and restaurants, and, of course, the island’s most visited site. So let’s continue with the second part of our Walking Tour, shall we? As Far as Sequels Go (Leg 2 of 4) By now you’ve soaked up all the spectacular views from Plazuela de La Rogativa and you’re feeling refreshed and energized to continue with your exploration of the city. Head north on Calle Las Monjas (past La Rogativa to your left and past a white-columned gate) and you will find Casa Rosa (Walking Tour sight #10). Literally meaning “pink house”, the distinctive building was used as a garrison during the Spanish colonial period but now serves as a daycare center.

10. Casa Rosa

10. Casa Rosa

Continuing the tree-laden path north leads to the open expanse of El Morro’s field. But before we reach the fortress, you’ll find another point of interest to our right: la Escuela de Artes Plasticas (#11). Formerly an insane asylum, this historic building, a prime location for inspiration and beauty, currently houses the premiere school for arts in Puerto Rico.

11. Escuela Artes Plásticas

11. Escuela de Artes Plásticas

After meandering around the school (you never know if you might witness some sort of divine inspiration going on) we’re ready to tackle the big one – Fuerte San Felipe del Morro (#12). To reach El Morro just follow the quarter mile path that runs through the open grass field where you might find families enjoying a picnic out in the breezy,
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sun-drenched space. Kite flying is immensely popular here; the trade winds blasting from the Atlantic and the vastness of the open sky are a perfect medium for this time-honored tradition.

12. Fuerte San Felipe del Morro

12. Fuerte San Felipe del Morro

The fort of El Morro is without a doubt the most popular destination for visitors to the island, and for good reason. The imposing structure was begun in 1540 but didn’t achieve it’s completed state until several centuries later. As San Juan’s principal defense against attacks by sea, El Morro has served on several occasions as repellent to invasion forces – from the English (1595, 1598 & 1797) and the Dutch (1625) to the Americans (1898). Take your time while exploring the area, history is seeped into the walls of this UNESCO World Heritage Site and the views of the bay and surrounding ocean are a marvel to look at. Adjacent to El Morro is another
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much-photographed spot in the city, el Cementerio de San Juan (#13). To get there, walk the length of El Morro’s grounds heading east towards Plaza del Quinto Centenario. A road leads down into the surreal atmosphere of the cemetery where ghostly statues and elaborate decorations adorn some of the tombs. Many important Puerto Ricans are buried here: nationalist leader Pedro Albizu Campos, pro-statehood movement founder Jose Celso Barbosa, and poet and politician Jose de Diego. After you’ve taken in the views from the cemetery go up to the street once again. We’ve still have some ground to cover and much more to see.

13. Cementerio de San Juan

13. Cementerio de San Juan

Norzagaray Street, due east, lands us on our next stop, Museo de San Juan (#14). Dedicated to the preservation of the city’s history, the museum is the ideal place to learn all about your surroundings during your stay in Old San Juan. Included in the displays are works from Puerto Rican masters Jose Campeche and Francisco Oller.
14. Museo de San Juan

14. Museo de San Juan

After you’ve caught up a bit with the culture, it’s time to discover another aspect of it first-hand. To the south of Museo de San Juan we enter Calle San Sebastian (#15), a favorite hangout spot for locals and tourists. The street is famous for the festival held every January, when hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to San Juan to experience the festivities first-hand. But San Sebastián St. is active year-round with plenty of restaurants and bars inviting patrons to take a load off, if only for a little while. Have a drink or order up some food if you like, but we still have 3 more spots to go on this leg of the tour. You’ll have more time to explore the street and have as many drinks as you want afterward – promise!

14. Calle San Sebastián

15. Calle San Sebastián

If we go west on San Sebastian Street, we’ll reach it’s intersection with Del Cristo Street. At this juncture we find Plaza San Jose (#16). The plaza is easily recognizable thanks to the statue of Puerto Rico’s first governor, Juan Ponce de Leon, and to the centuries-old church that gives the square it’s name. The shaded benches offer a welcome respite for those in need of it. Fortunately for us, the last 2 spots surround Plaza San Jose.
16. Plaza de San José & Iglesia de San José

16. Plaza de San José & Iglesia de San José

To the right of the statue – perpendicular to the church – is Museo de Casals (#17), dedicated to the life and work of world-famous cellist and composer Pablo Casals. Though born in Spain, Casals has been adopted as an important figure in the development of the fine arts in Puerto Rico.
17. Museo de Casals

17. Museo de Casals

Next to Museo Casals is Museo de Nuestras Raices Africanas (#18). The museum chronicles the rich cultural heritage of West Africa that has contributed to Puerto Rican society. Apart from the fascinating exhibits, the building that houses the museum is also an architecturally significant piece of history.
18. Casa de los Contrafuertes/Museo de Nuestras Raíces Africanas

18. Casa de los Contrafuertes/Museo de Nuestras Raíces Africanas

This concludes the second leg of our Walking Tour. Head back to Calle San Sebastian for more cocktails and a proper meal or join us for Part 3, where we’ll explore more historical buildings before heading down Del Cristo Street.


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Walking Tour: Old San Juan Part 1/4

Posted on 17 April 2009 by GSV

There’s a certain mystique to Old San Juan – the historic sector of Puerto Rico’s capital – a timeless aura difficult to describe to people who’ve never experienced the Caribbean’s bona fide international city first-hand.  Cobblestone streets and centuries-old architecture mix with the trade winds that blow from the Atlantic, the hustle and bustle of city life, Puerto Rico’s central government, the island’s liveliest nightlife, and some of its best cuisine, making the city a very special place to wander around

in.  The true charm of Old San Juan lies in exploring every nook and cranny, every oddity, be it by yourself or with love ones.  You can find relaxing spots from which to gaze out at the horizon, enjoy the sunset or watch the stars twinkling in the moonlight with ease.  Opportunities to discover and take in the history at the heart of Old San Juan open up with every step.  Every visit is a chance to explore something new, or rediscover old things and see them in a new light.  It happens to everybody, be they residents, visiting locals, expatriates or tourists; the city is magical that way.

No matter where you stand, sculptures, plazas, churches, museums and many other places of interest are just around the corner.  But where should you start? What exactly do you want to see?  “Gosh, I sure hope I don’t miss anything worthwhile” – says the lonely traveler desperate for some, any, direction.  Worry not!  To make your exploration of the Old City a more organized and informative proposition, we gladly present the first installment of’s Old San Juan Walking Tour.

In the Beginning (Leg 1 of 4)

Let us assume, for the purposes of this exercise, that you’re starting off at the Marina (Walking Tour sight #1) in the southern area of Old San Juan.  Cruise ships dock at the piers year-round, bringing with them millions of visitors eager to explore the city.  The first building you might see just across the street is the Sheraton at Old San Juan and its two restaurants – Chicago Burger Co. and Palio.  Several other shops, restaurants and bars are lining the avenue so feel free to explore the area to suit your needs but don’t wander off too far, we’re gonna head west to continue with our (eye)tour.

1. La Marina

As we continue west towards our second sight, Plaza de la Darsena and La Casita (#2), you might want to make a stop at the corner of Marina and Tanca streets where you will find Casa Don Q.  Besides being a museum dedicated to the history of rum production on the island, it also has rum products available for purchase – not to mention the complimentary cocktail at the bar.  The same building that houses the Casa Don Q, known as the Edificio Ochoa or Ochoa Building, is the current site for the Puerto Rico Tourist Information Center and the Rums of Puerto Rico Tasting Bar, where you can have another cocktail if you’re so inclined (And no, Puerto Rico is not trying to get you drunk! We just like to share our rum, being the Rum Capital of the world and all…).  Across the street from this building you will find the Plaza de la Darsena, a picturesque plaza overlooking San Juan Bay where gently blowing breezes refresh weary travelers (not you, though, we’ve only just begun!).  The main structure here is La Casita, which has served time and again as a tourist information center.  This plaza is often host to artisans and local vendors, as well as a horse carriage service that takes visitors around the city.

2. Plaza de la Darsena

2. Plaza de la Darsena

Directly to the north of Plaza Darsena is another small plaza – Plaza de Hostos (#3) – named in honor of one of the most important figures in Puerto Rican history, Eugenio Maria de Hostos.  The plaza is also oftentimes host to artisans as well as vendors selling fried treats, sandwiches, and refreshments.  Particularly popular is the piragua – a perfect way to cool off from the sun’s scorching heat.

3. Plaza de Hostos

3. Plaza de Hostos

El Arsenal (#4) is located south of Plaza de Hostos, going down La Puntilla Street, at the southern most tip of Old San Juan.  Though previously used for weapons’ storage and as a naval station, El Arsenal is now used for more peaceful purposes, mainly artist showcases and other cultural events.  We’re now almost halfway through our first leg of the walking tour.  Let’s go back north the same way we came so we can stroll through the most picturesque promenade in all the island – the Paseo de la Princesa!

4. El Arsenal

4. El Arsenal

Paseo de la Princesa (#5) is without a doubt one of the signature sights of Old San Juan and the entire island.  If we walk west from Plaza de Hostos we’ll be able to enjoy the whole brick boardwalk in all it’s glory.  The wide-open space of the promenade lends itself to picture taking or just a pleasant stroll.  A cafe/restaurant is shaded by huge trees and palms that line the sidewalk.  Further ahead is the headquarters for the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, a refurbished building that was once a prison during the Spanish Colonial era.  After walking the length of Paseo La Princesa you will find the Raices fountain, a breathtaking homage to the roots of Puerto Rican culture.  Photo ops abound, either of the beautiful fountain sculptures, the surrounding city walls or the unobstructed view of the opening to San Juan harbor.  And if you thought the fountain was beautiful during the day, be sure to check it out at night if time permits, when the whole paseo is illuminated by streetlight.

5. Paseo de la Princesa, Antigua Cárcel, and Raíces Fountain

5. Paseo de la Princesa, Antigua Cárcel, and Raíces Fountain

Continuing the path northward along the shore we reach La Puerta de San Juan (#6).  A relic of the time when the city used to be closed off at night to keep attackers at bay, this entrance is the only one (out of three) left standing.  It’s still an imposing sight and it serves as our tour’s gateway into the city proper.You may like cheap nike sneakers.

6. Puerta de San Juan

6. Puerta de San Juan

At this point, you have two options.  Before passing through La Puerta de San Juan, you can continue the trail to the left and walk along La Muralla de la Ciudad (#7) with spectacular views of the bay and the coast on the other side.  The path leads directly to the northwestern tip of San Juan, directly below El Morro (even though there is no access to the fort through that path, the unique view of the surroundings is worth the extra effort).

7. La Muralla de la Ciudad

7. La Muralla de la Ciudad

If you prefer to bypass the path along the old city walls you can pass through La Puerta de San Juan and cross the street to Museo Felisa Rincon de Gautier (#8).  This 300 year-old structure was the original residence of Doña Fela, the first female mayor of a capital city in the Americas.  It now displays personal effects and memorabilia pertaining to the life of this beloved politician.

8. Museo Felisa Rincón de Gautier

8. Museo Felisa Rincón de Gautier

Our last stop in the first leg of’s Old San Juan Walking Tour just happens to be my personal favorite.  Across from Doña Fela’s Museum and up a flight of steps is the Plazuela de la Rogativa (#9).  Featuring a jaw-dropping view of the surrounding ocean and coast, the 12-foot tall bronze statue is one of the most photographed sculptures in Puerto Rico.  As with the Paseo de la Princesa, the awesome view is only magnified when the sun goes down and streetlamps iluminate the area.  It is then that the twinkling lights of ships at sea join the stars up above to create an almost ethereal atmosphere.

9. Plazuela de la Rogativa

9. Plazuela de la Rogativa

So, you’ve made it this far.  Might as well stick around for Part 2 where we’ll visit other places of interest like El Morro, San Cristobal and Capilla del Cristo. What are you waiting for? Continue your exploration of the historic city of Old San Juan by clicking here!


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GOAL! Islanders Kick Start the 2009 Season

Posted on 17 April 2009 by GSV

Juan Ramon Loubriel Stadium in Bayamón will be rocking this Saturday evening when the Puerto Rico Islanders FC begin their United Soccer Leagues Division One’s (USL-1) 2009 season.  Not traditionally known as a soccer-loving nation, Puerto Rico’s residents have slowly but surely begun embracing the sport, due in large part to the success of the Islanders.  Since joining the league in 2004, the club’s fortunes have gotten better each year.  The team missed the playoffs their first 2 seasons in the league but have advanced further in the postseason for 3 years in a row, losing last year’s final against Saturday’s opponent, the Vancouver Whitecaps.

The Islanders head into the 2009 schedule as preseason favorites thanks to their impressive returning core – including reigning USL-1 MVP Jonathan Steele, Defender of the Year Cristian Arrieta, Goalkeeper of the Year Bill Gaudette and captain Noah Delgado – as well as the influx of new talent, headlined by forward Nicholas Addlery and midfielders Dominic Mediate and Martin Nuñez.  The roster depth created by the signings give the Tropa Naranja (or Orange Troop as they’re affectionately called) more flexibility to not only compete and win in the USL-1 but to expand their sights towards international competitions.  The club has recently begun participating in the CONCACAF Champion’s League and did well in their first taste of internationl action, reaching the semifinals before losing a heartbreaker to Cruz Azul of Mexico’s Primera División.

With renewed energy, high hopes, and a growing fanbase, the 2009 season looks very bright for the Islanders.

Home Game Schedule at Juan Ramon Loubriel Stadium in Bayamón, PR

Saturday April 18th @ 7:00PM vs Vancouver Whitecaps

Friday April 24th @ 8:00PM vs Rochester Rhinos

Saturday May 2nd @ 8:00PM vs Montreal Impact

Friday May 22nd @ 8:00PM vs Portland Timbers

Sunday May 24th @ 6:00PM vs Portland Timbers

Thursday Junes 4th @ 8:00PM vs Cleveland City Stars

Saturday June 6th @ 7:00PM vs Cleveland City Stars

Friday June 12th @ 8:00PM vs Austin Aztex

Thursday June 18th @ 8:00PM vs Charleston Battery

Saturday June 20th @ 7:00PM vs Charleston Battery

Saturday August 8th @ 7:00PM vs Miami FC Blues

Saturday August 15th @ 7:00PM vs Montreal Impact

Saturday August 29th @ 7:00PM vs Minnesota Thunder

Sunday September 6th @ 6:00PM vs Rochester Rhinos

Monday September

14th @ 8:00PM vs Carolina RailHawks

For the complete USL-1 Islander games schedule, including away games, click here.

To purchase tickets to Islander home games, click here.

For Puerto Rican fútbol (soccer) news, click here (website in Spanish).


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EyeCandy: Saborea Puerto Rico

Posted on 09 April 2009 by EyeFred

To best place buy viagra online read buy viagra cialis up on paper for sale this year’s Saborea order viagra uk Puerto Rico culinary event, click here.

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Historical Sights: Catholic Church Landmarks in Puerto Rico

Posted on 07 April 2009 by GSV

Due to Puerto Rico’s long tradition of Roman Catholicism – stretching as far back as the Spanish conquest of the New World during the 16th century – several important and noteworthy landmarks still exist on the island.  Puerto Rico’s location in the Caribbean made

it a natural jumping-off point for missionaries to the rest of the region and, as such, became an important center for the church.  The clergy’s goal of conversion – especially of the native Taino population, already decimated by disease and forced labor – gave way to the founding and consolidation of several parishes, which in turn facilitated the spread of religion throughout the country.  Among the most important and beautiful structures to stand the test of time are the Iglesia San Blás de Illescas in the southern municipality of Coamo and Iglesia Porta Coeli in the southwestern city of San Germán.  Though architecturally very different, these churches, along with dozens of others, adhere to the Spanish tradition of locating the structures in or around the town’s main plaza.

Old San Juan also has its fair share of religious buildings.  Iglesia San José is a historical marvel – one of the oldest churches in the Western hemisphere – and its surrounding plaza, at the crossroads of Del Cristo and San Sebastian streets, is also a sight to behold.  Going down Del Cristo street we first come upon Hotel El Convento – formerly a Carmelite nun convent – and La Catedral de San Juan.  The cathedral is one of 6 on the island, each belonging to the diocese of their region – the other 5 being: Catedral San Felipe Apostol in Arecibo, Catedral Dulce Nombre de Jesus in Caguas, Catedral Santiago Apostol in Fajardo, Catedral Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria in Mayagüez, and Catedral Nuestra Señora de la Guadalupe in Ponce.  At the end of Del Cristo we find La Capilla del Cristo, whose legend is so famous and well-known, any school-aged child can recite it.

Apart from their religious relevance, these structures contain architectural, historical and cultural significance making them must-see sights to any visitor to the island.

Iglesia San Blas de Illescas – Coamo, PR

Located in the municipality of Coamo, Puerto Rico’s third oldest municipality founded in 1579, the structure bears the town’s original name. San Blás is also the third church built on the island under Spanish rule, yet this centuries-old house of worship still occupies its space imposingly over Coamo’s town plaza – its white-washed façade evoking late period baroque architecture.  Completed in 1784, the unique structure houses several religious paintings and sculptures, including works by Puerto Rican masters Francisco Oller and José Campeche. VIEW VIDEO

Iglesia Porta Coeli – San Germán, PR

One of the oldest Christian structures in the western hemisphere lies within the hilly, southwestern municipality of San Germán, the second city founded by the Spanish in Puerto Rico. Porta Coeli was first a convent built by Dominican friars at the dawn of the 17th century. Only ruins remain of the convent, where the iconic church now stands. Porta Coeli’s name translates to “Heaven’s Door,” and it does give this impression when viewed from the bottom of the steps, as it overlooks the Plazuela de Santo Domingo from its snug corner of the cobblestone Dr. Veve and Ramas Streets. VIEW VIDEO

Iglesia San José – San Juan, PR

Previously dedicated to Saint Thomas Aquinas, the church is the only true gothic building resting on U.S soil and the second oldest church in the New World. Restoration efforts for the church have uncovered some of the earliest murals in the Americas. In the center of the Plaza San José stands a bronze statue of Spanish conquistador Juan Poncé de León, the first Governor of Puerto Rico appointed by the Spanish Crown. Around the plaza you will find various local bars, restaurants, and a couple of museums. VIEW VIDEO

Hotel El Convento – San Juan, PR

Founded in 1646 by Doña Ana de Lanzós, this convent for Carmelite nuns was inaugurated in 1651. The original structure was demolished in the nineteenth century, when a chapel was erected in the neoclassical style. Completed in 1858, this reconstruction included the building’s façade, central patio, and second floor. The nuns left the convent in 1902, when it became an apartment complex and theater. In 1960 the building was refashioned into the now famous hotel. VIEW VIDEO

Catedral de San Juan – San Juan, PR

The building began construction in 1521 in the Late Gothic style. Some of the original architectural components that remain to this day are: a vaulted tower, gothic ceilings, and a circular staircase and four rooms. These are rare examples of Medieval Architecture in the Americas. The cathedral was renovated in the Neoclassical Style of its façade which was completed in 1852.  Located near the transept is a marble tomb that holds the remains of Juan Ponce de León, the Spanish conquistador who colonized Puerto Rico. The tomb is one of Spanish sculptor Miguel Blay’s master works. VIEW VIDEO

Capilla del Cristo – San Juan, PR

Between 1634 and 1638, this chapel dedicated to Santa Catalina was raised at the bottom of Del Cristo Street.  Legend tells of how in June of 1750, during the traditional horse races of Las Fiestas de San Pedro, Captain Baltasár Montañés rode his horse into the wall next to the Chapel. Both the rider and his horse were saved from the fall by this structure. Don Tomás Mates Prats, the governor’s secretary, deemed this a miracle. Having invoked El Cristo de la Salud to take care of the rider, Don Tomas hung a painting of the Christ in this Chapel to commemorate this miraculous occurrence. VIEW VIDEO


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EyeTour Twitter Updates from Saborea Puerto Rico

Posted on 06 April 2009 by EyeFred

  • Saborea Puerto Rico begins tonight In El Escambron Beach. See you there tomorrow! #
  • We are enjoying the weather at Saborea Puerto Rico – although clouds loom on the horizon. Crossing fingers!!! #
  • Here’s the line for… honestly we have no clue! Hope it’s food. #
  • Just met top pastry chef Keegan Gerhard from Food Network! #
  • The event is packed! And btw, the line did lead to
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    food… including roast pork, all natural cookies, and ceviche. #

  • Wine is not hard to find at Saborea. They give you your own glass at the entrance. #
  • A little behind the scenes action… Jose is taking some nice pics for the blog. Check during the week #
  • Chef from 311 and Morton’s starting their demo kitchen. Lobster and A LOT of red meat. #
  • The view from Saborea Puerto Rico @ El Escambron Beach. #


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Top Pizza Places in Puerto Rico

Posted on 03 April 2009 by GSV

Revised: October 15, 2010

Pizza is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Puerto Rico.  Mamposteao, tostones, alcapurrias in Piñones, or lechón asado in Guavate are dishes Puerto Rican cuisine is mostly known for.  Yet there’s something universal about pizza; its undeniable appeal makes it a favorite dining alternative no matter where you are.  With that in mind, here are some of our favorite places in the metropolitan area to get a slice or a pie.

Unique Pies

Das Pastelhaus
2482 Loiza Street, Punta las Marias
San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00917
Phone:  787-728-7106

A blend of culinary influences – German, Puerto Rican, and Venezuelan – Das Pastelhaus offers a truly unique pie for the adventurous pizza-lover. Try their fantastic white sauce pies – your favorite toppings sauteed in a creme-based sauce that is rich and buttery and hidden under fresh mozzarella cheese. Perhaps most pizza places are not known for their desserts but Das Pastelhaus doubles as a bakery, so be sure to try out some of their butter cookies and delicate pastries after you are done eating your slices.

Bistro Pizza
2424 Loiza Street, Punta las Marias
San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00917
Phone:  787-982-2000

A wood-burning, brick oven isn’t the only thing that makes this Isla Verde eatery stand out; the variety of non-traditional toppings will have you scratching your head.  But bravery never goes out of fashion and, if you dare, you will find a whole new world of flavors (who knew nuts would taste good on a pizza?)  Even if you’re not feeling adventurous, you can still try a traditional pie and be blown away; Bistro Pizza is second to none.

La Cueva del Chicken Inn
507 Ave Ponce de Leon, San Juan, PR 00919
Phone: 787-753-1306

Let me state right off the bat that this is my favorite pizza in Puerto Rico.  It could be the fact that I’ve been going there since I was a kid.  Or it could just be the crunchy, chewy crust, the tangy sauce and the toasted cheese that make it an utter delight.  Feel free to add any topping you like, but you won’t get the same taste of perfection as a plain cheese pizza.  It doesn’t hurt that the place also makes great chicharrones de pollo (unbreaded pieces of fried chicken).

Family Friendly Fare

Faccio Pizza Isla Verde @ Howard Johnson

Faccio Pizza Isla Verde @ Howard Johnson

Magno’s Pizza Palace
26 Ave Domenech, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Phone: 787-764-3756

Situated in the heart of San Juan’s Hato Rey neighborhood on Domenech Avenue, Magno’s offers a spacious and amiable setting for any occasion – from a business lunch to a gathering of friends and family – at very reasonable prices.  The pizza might not be groundbreaking but it’s definitely worth the visit.

Faccio Pizza
Lobby Hotel Howard Johnson, Ave. Isla Verde, Carolina, PR
Ask for other locations
Phone: 787-268-7755

What started out as a single restaurant in the community of Cupey in the municipality of San Juan has branched out into seven franchises peppered throughout the greater metropolitan area.  Faccio’s does pizza well: a chewy, thin crust, savory sauce and a variety of fresh toppings (my personal favorite: chorizo).  Along with the pasta menu, their wide selection of beers and the easy-going ambiance make Faccio’s one of the island’s favorite dining spots.

The South American Flavor Tour

Pizzaiolo's savory Brazilian-style pies

Pizzaiolo's savory Brazilian-style pies

47 Ave. Isla Verde
Carolina, Puerto Rico, 00984
Phone: 787-268-0622

One of several pizzerias lining the Avenida Isla Verde, Pizzaiolo offers authentic Brazilian flare, not only with the food, but with the atmosphere created by the music and decor.  The pies are covered with cheese, a small amount of sauce, and any fresh vegetables or meats that you can think of (sausage or chicken work very well but there is a wide array to choose from).  Do have

a Caipirinha if you are there, it would be almost a crime if you didn’t.

Ferrari Gourmet
51 Ave. Isla Verde, Isla Verde, Carolina, PR 00979
Phone: 787-982-3115

A few yards away from Pizzaiolo we find another South American flavor, Ferrari Gourmet‘s Argentinian cuisine.  Over forty different varieties of bold flavors and very hearty toppings  characterize the restaurant’s pizza menu.  A must for visitors staying along Carolina‘s Isla Verde Hotel Strip.

Juan Pan Pizza
Ave. Piñeiro 1117, San Juan 00920, Puerto Rico
Phone: 787-792-6735

Another Argentinian pizzeria, this one on Piñeiro Avenue in San Juan.  The ingredients go all the way to the edge of the pizza making the small crust it has super crunchy and the cheese around it deliciously golden.  Very hearty, extremely satisfying and a quaint setting to boot.  You can’t miss the building either – a giant mural in honor of “The King of Tango” adorns one of its sides.

When In Condado…

Danny’s International
1351 Ashford Ave., Condado, San Juan, PR
Phone: 787-724-0501 / 787-721-4231

Usually packed, and for good reason, I would venture to say that Danny’s is my second favorite pizza on the list.  The soft, chewy dough and the unbelievable variety of specialty pizzas make each bite a pleasure unto itself.  They haven’t reinvented the wheel, they just make some darn fine pizza.  If you are feeling bold try the Puerto Rican specialty pizza with ground beef and ripe plantains (amarillos).

Via Appia
1350 Ashford Ave., San Juan, Puerto Rico
Phone: 725-8711

Featuring sidewalk tables for a better view of Avenida Ashford, Via Appia’s offering of Italian food and spectacular pizza make it one of the area’s most popular restaurants.  There’s also inside seating for those not interested in people-watching (but still interested in pizza-eating).

The Night Cap (by the slice)

Pizza City's sign (hard to miss, even at night)

Pizza City's sign (hard to miss, even at night)

Mike ‘s Pizzeria
1024 Ave. Ashford, Condado, San Juan, PR
Phone: 787-722-2480 / 787-722-2484 / Fax: 787-723-0118

Another pizzeria in Condado (formerly known as Mike & Charlie’s – adios Charlie!), and open till late so you can get a slice (or two) before heading off to who-knows-where.  Small space but very friendly staff and pizza slices overflowing with toppings (they certainly don’t skimp on those).

Pizza City
5950 Ave Isla Verde
Phone: 787-726-0356

Let’s be honest, at 3 o’clock in the morning you’re not looking for anything complicated, you’ll settle for a nice cheese pizza straight out of the oven.  Just another reason to love Pizza City.  You could go there at anytime – the pizza is excellent – but it becomes magical when you’re desperate for something to eat and you see that great, big, kitschy sign welcoming you, and others, to sit down, relax, and enjoy

Reader’s Favorite

Mario’s Pizza Palace
42 Gautier Benitez St., Caguas, PR
Phone: 787-286-1145

From our readers:

“The best and original Mario’s Pizza in Caguas is the one in Gautier Benitez St., inside Caguas Shopping Center. Mario’s sold franchises that are all over the city but each owner makes pizza in their own particular way (and are not the same as the original).” (Cagueño via comments)

“I must agree with the best pizza in Puerto Rico is Mario’s Pizza in Caguas. I am 50 years old right now but the first time I went to Mario’s I must have been about 9 years old. That pizza is awesome. I am from NY and used to eating great pizza.” (Minerva via comments)

“Nothing in the world compares to Mario’s Pizza Palace, located in Caguas. They serve these over-sized Calzone’s that can barely fit the plate.” (Luis via comments)

Hope you enjoy the list (and the pizza).  Found a new pizza place worthy of our list? Let us know by replying below and we’ll set our pizza-tasting experts loose!


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