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help me get my man back

Posted on 19 July 2007 by EyeFred

how to win an ex heart back after they fall for someone else and
how to win ex girl back or
Words used to make your ex girlfriend happy.
Make psychology too get ex back
does my ex husband still love me, , etc.

help me get my man back
This is our ‘lobby’ or intro page. You can watch our welcome messages by the Governor of Puerto Rico, Hon. Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, and from the Director of the Tourism Company, Terestella González Denton, by using the video player, as well as our Introduction to the EyeTour of Old San Juan. You can also view our sponsors, the local date and time, and we provided a link that takes you directly to Puerto Rico’s most recent weather forecast. Click on the orange ‘ENTER MAP’ button to enter the main

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menu – but make sure you disable your pop-up blocker first!

This map of Puerto Rico acts as our main menu. It shows you information on the different areas of the Island, as organized by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. EyeTour’s expansion plans cover the entire island, and production has already begun on the Area Este and Caguas map, as well as a nightlife tour for Old San Juan. The project was launched on July 31, 2007 with a walking tour of Old San Juan, covering 40 attractions, including museums, historical sites, parks, plazas, and famous streets. Click on the Old San Juan area (pulses red) to enter its EyeTour map.

The Old San Juan Area Map is were EyeTour Puerto Rico’s currently offers its innovative content. A complete guide to Old San Juan was developed with the help of noted historian and head professor of the University of Puerto Rico, Dr. Arturo Dávila, to ensure the quality and historical accuracy of the script. The videos were individualy scored by José Martí – our group musician – who composed all of the tracks so that they fit the ambience of each video perfectly. They also include illustrations by Alfredo Richner, some of them animated by Juan Márquez.

The team believes in giving attention to detail and will measure future productions against the standards they have set for themselves with the development of the EyeTour of Old San Juan. Visit and download the EyeTour of Old San Juan for FREE – available in four different formats (M4V, MPEG 4, MOV, and MP3). You are now ready to BE YOUR OWN GUIDE!


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